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S'pore Taobao Customer Receives Uneven Curtains & Unfinished Rug, Makes Do With Them Anyway

Taobao Customer Shares Defective Items In TikTok Haul

We’ve all had some form of buyer’s regret, especially when the items in real life don’t match up to what we saw online.

A Taobao customer in Singapore received not one, but two, defective products recently.

RT shared his humorous haul on TikTok and showed viewers how he dealt with the disappointing items.

Speaking to MS News, he said that he will continue to use them for his office.

Man installs uneven curtains & cuts unfinished rug

RT first shared his haul in a TikTok video posted on 2 Nov. He started by introducing the first product — beige automatic curtains, with a very obvious problem.

One of the curtains is a few centimetres shorter than the other.

Source: @neverrreven on TikTok

RT told MS News that he bought the curtains from Taobao for about S$30 before shipping.

“One long one short,” noted RT in the TikTok video. At the very least, the curtains appeared to be in working order.

When he flagged the defect to the seller, the latter allegedly asked him to ship the item back. However, he opted not to do so considering the hassle and extra shipping cost.

After showcasing the first product, RT then introduced the next disappointing purchase — an unassuming rug worth S$25 before shipping.

Source: @neverrreven on TikTok

The rug appeared fine at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, it became apparent that it wasn’t what was advertised.

Instead of the cutout pattern, RT received a version with an extra white border.

Source: @neverrreven on TikTok

Like the previous product, he alerted the seller to this defect, to which the latter responded by asking him to just cut away the white bits — which was exactly what he did.

Source: @neverrreven on TikTok

“Highly recommended if you really want to cut your own carpet, because you’ll never get the chance elsewhere,” joked RT.

He even jokingly exclaimed, “Maybe next time you buy milk, they’ll send you a cow.”

Says he will continue to use items anyway

As it turns out, this is not RT’s first rodeo with Taobao.

He told MS News that he’s been buying from the Chinese shopping platform since 2009.

Like most seasoned online shoppers, RT does his due diligence in checking the top few reviews of each product.

However, he doesn’t go through every single one. That said, he only purchases the item once he has a sense of what the product will look like in reality.

RT still plans to use the defective items in his new office, which he shared has a 22-month lease.

Despite the outcome of his purchases, the experience wasn’t enough to scare him away from Taobao.

“I have been doing online purchasing for so long, I would say you don’t always get issues, sometimes there are good products and good sellers.”

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Featured image adapted from @neverrreven on TikTok.

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