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RSAF Pilot's Flight Path Apparently Resembles A Penis, MINDEF Says It's 'Purely Coincidental'

RSAF Pilot Flight Path Over Western Australia Resembles Penis & Testicles

UPDATE (2.01pm): A Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) spokesperson has told MS News that “any resemblance of aircraft flight patterns to images is not intentional” and is purely coincidental.

The article has been updated to include MINDEF’s response.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) often trains in countries like Australia due to airspace constraints back home, and many of our pilots get their training there.

However, a Redditor on r/perth spotted a phallic symbol drawn in the sky over Western Australia — purportedly the flight path of a training aircraft belonging to the RSAF.

The path took place on Thursday (28 Sep) and started in Bullbrook at 12.25pm before returning at 1.28pm.

There is a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) base, Pearce, at Bullbrook, which houses an RSAF squadron.

Many RSAF pilots get their training at the flight school there.

MINDEF said it is aware of online reports regarding the flight pattern and said any resemblance to images is coincidental.

Pilot of RSAF training aircraft allegedly draws penis symbol in Western Australia

Redditor Fantastic_Ice_6637 appears to have been the first person to spot the suggestive flight route, posting it on the r/perth subreddit.

“Interesting flight path for an Air Force training drill…” they titled the post, attaching an image of the path taken from flightradar24.

The flight path makes a round that appears to depict one testicle, followed by a phallus and then another testicle.

rsaf pilot penisrsaf pilot penis

Source: Flightradar24 via Reddit

Though the flight wasn’t long — at just over an hour — the phallus appears decently long in comparison.

There even appears to be a smiley face drawn on one of the testicles.

RSAF has a training school in Western Australia

The Pilatus PC-21 that was used for the flight is housed at RAAF Base Pearce in Western Australia and is touted by the RAAF as “the world’s most advanced pilot training aircraft”.

Source: MINDEF

The RSAF 130 Squadron is based at RAAF Base Pearce.

Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Australia in 1993, and the agreement allows us to train there at the RSAF Flying Training School.

In 2017, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen and then-Australian Minister for Defence Marise Payne signed the Pearce treaty.

This extends the RSAF’s training access at RAAF Base Pearce for another 25 years, until 2043.

The Australian Department of Defence referred journalists to the Singaporean Embassy for comment. As of press time, the embassy has yet to issue a statement.

In response to media queries by MS News, a MINDEF spokesperson said it is aware of online reports regarding the flight path.

“The RSAF’s training flights are based on professional training objectives, and include basic aircraft handling manoeuvres such as turns, instrument approaches and circuit patterns,” they said.

“Any resemblance of aircraft flight patterns to images is not intentional and purely coincidental.”

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Featured image adapted from flightradar24 via Reddit and RSAF on Facebook. Right image for illustration purposes only.

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