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S'pore Police Officer Does 'Slickback' Dance, TikTok Viewers Joke It's The New Hentak Kaki

Singapore Police Officer Pulls Off Flawless ‘Slickback’ Dance Moves

In recent weeks, the new ‘Slickback’ trend has taken TikTok by storm. The challenge requires one to lift and bend their legs in a synchronised manner to give the illusion that they’re gliding on the ground.

Many have attempted the challenge and unsurprisingly, many have also failed.

However, one talented officer from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) pulled off the move effortlessly in a video shared on TikTok.

Source: @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok

The video has since gone viral, with some joking that it’s the new hentak kaki.

Singapore police officer ‘floats’ while pulling off ‘Slickback’ challenge

Earlier this week, SPF shared a video on TikTok showing one of their officers attempting the Slickback challenge.

Based on his appearance and attire, it appears the ‘challenger’ is a young SPF trainee.

Do not be fooled by his age though, for he possessed some serious magic in his legs.

As others were seemingly doing physical training (PT) exercises in the background, the trainee in question shuffled across the open exercise area.

Source: @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok

The most impressive part of the dance move was that it somehow looked as if he was gliding across the large area, defying the laws of physics.

Source: @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok

Netizens joke that sliding is faster than running

The video has since gone viral on TikTok, garnering nearly 500,000 views after just two days. Netizens also couldn’t help but react in jest to the video.

In response to a question on why SPF is posting a video of the challenge, one TikTok user claimed that the Slickback dance move can be faster than running if done properly. This would, in turn, allow officers to catch up to criminals with ease.

Source: @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok

Another TikTok user joked that this is the new hentak kaki — a Malay drill command used for marching on the spot.

Source: @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok

Meanwhile, some netizens took the opportunity to remind others of the traumatising phrases commonly used by trainers.

Source: @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok

Have you given the Slickback challenge a try and how did it go? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok

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