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Woman Pretends To Buy From Nasty Cookie In Funan, Steals Their Plastic Bag Instead

Woman Goes To Nasty Cookie In Funan To Steal Their Plastic Bag

People usually go to cookie shops for a delicious snack, right? One woman, however, took to the Nasty Cookie shop in Funan for their plastic bag instead.

CCTV footage showed the woman apparently showing up to ask about cookies.

Once the cashier is distracted, she sneakily grabs one of their light blue plastic bags from beside the cash register.

She then leaves shortly after without purchasing any cookies, implying she was there just to take a bag.

Woman pretends to be interested in the cookies before stealing plastic bag from Nasty Cookie

Nasty Cookie is a cookie franchise in Singapore selling a variety of baked goods plus milkshakes.

Known for their unique turquoise colour, they operate a handful of outlets across Singapore, among them inside Funan Mall.

Source: Fairy on Google Maps

It turns out that cookies and milkshakes weren’t the only reasons patrons flocked to the stores, however.

On 10 Oct, Nasty Cookie uploaded a video to their TikTok. In it, CCTV from the Funan outlet showed a black-shirted woman appearing to be a customer.

After an apparent brief conversation with the cashier, she then goes to browse from the selection of cookies on display.

Source: @nastycookiee on TikTok

The sole staff member at the counter then turns and walks off to the other side of the store. When she does so, the woman returns to the counter and appears to wait.

Source: @nastycookiee on TikTok

She then locked onto her target, her holy grail of the shop — a plastic bag.

Source: @nastycookiee on TikTok

After the cashier returns, they converse briefly with each other. The woman then leaves without buying anything, plastic bag in tow.

Source: @nastycookiee on TikTok

Dubbed cheapskate by netizens

Netizens deemed the woman a cheapskate for stealing plastic bags, which rarely cost more than a few cents.

Source: TikTok

Another opined that these situations happen because plastic bags cost extra money in many places now. For example, a Kovan hawker stall charged 10 cents for plastic bags for ‘eco-friendly’ reasons.

Source: Facebook

A commenter then joked that they understood why because of the quality of Nasty Cookie’s plastic bags.

Source: TikTok

Perhaps they might even make a popular addition to the menu.

Company doesn’t plan to take action against woman

A Nasty Cookie spokesperson told MS News that they did not plan to take action against the woman. The baked goods company did mention that they found it intriguing that their carrier bags received much praise.

“We do not charge any extra fees for carrier bags with purchase,” said the spokesperson.

However, there have been instances where some customers requested up to 10 carrier bags, even if they only purchased three items. Others even asked for a carrier bag without purchase.

“Although it is an industrial practice for F&B kiosks to provide carrier bags for customers, we do hope that people do not abuse it and request more than they require,” they said.

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Featured image adapted from Fairy on Google Maps and @nastycookiee on TikTok.

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