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Expat Tries S’pore’s ‘Longest Covered Walk’ From Millenia Walk To Funan, Journey Takes 42 Mins

Expat Walks From Millenia Walk To Funan Using Underground Connector

Ever found yourself stuck in the rain at Millenia Walk or Funan but wanting to explore the area without getting drenched? If you didn’t know, there’s a sheltered path connecting both malls, via what an expat dubs to be Singapore’s “longest covered walk”.

TikTok creator ‘Zenos Jake’ began his 42-minute journey spontaneously. After exiting Millenia Walk, he passed through Suntec City, Marina Square, and CityLink.

He then took the route through Raffles City, Capitol Singapore, and finally Funan, totalling seven malls and two MRT stations.

The journey took 42 minutes and 5,000 steps, all without ever leaving a sheltered area, highlighting the interconnected design.

Began his trip at Millenia Walk

An expat recently filmed himself conquering what he dubbed to be Singapore’s “longest covered walk”.

Even though Millenia Walk and Funan are just a 25-minute walk away from each other, Mr Zenos gave himself the extra challenge of never leaving a sheltered area.

Given the distance separating the malls, such a task seemed unlikely without stepping into a covered area.

From Millenia Walk, Mr Zenos utilised the sheltered walkway to enter Promenade MRT Station and exit out to Suntec City.

Source: @zenosjake on TikTok

Even with the video being sped up, he still took an incredibly long time to walk the length of the gargantuan Suntec City.

Source: @zenosjake on TikTok

Mr Zenos then made it to Marina Square via a sheltered overhead bridge linking it from Suntec City.

Source: @zenosjake on TikTok

CityLink provides sheltered path to Raffles City

Marina Square stood a fair distance away from Raffles City, however.

Mr Zenos eventually descended into the underground CityLink shopping mall, which links directly to Raffles City.

Source: @zenosjake on TikTok

Raffles City is connected to Capitol Singapore shopping centre via City Hall MRT station. Thus, Mr Zenos took that route and entered his sixth mall.

Source: @zenosjake on TikTok

Once in Capitol Singapore, he entered a lengthy underground hallway and emerged into Funan, completing his trek.

Source: @zenosjake on TikTok

Took over 5,000 steps & 42 minutes

Mr Zenos stated in the video that the walk was spontaneous. While at Millenia Walk, he simply wondered how long it would take to get to Funan and then went for it.

The impulsive journey led him through seven malls and two MRT stations — Promenade and City Hall. The walk took 42 minutes and 5,000 steps to complete, all without exposing him to the elements.

He even mentioned in the caption that the entire journey was through air-conditioned areas and deemed it “really nice”.

A Google Maps path through all seven malls ended up with an estimated 47-minute walk, including outdoor unsheltered paths.

Source: Google Maps

So in fact, Mr Zenos did quite well for an unplanned trip.

Even so, netizens noted that Millenia Walk featured a sheltered connection to Marina Square, bypassing the long trek through Suntec City.

Source: TikTok

Perhaps Mr Zenos made that choice deliberately as Suntec City vastly contributed to the self-proclaimed “longest” covered walk.

A commenter recounted getting sore legs after losing their way in Suntec City’s sprawling premises. Even Mr Zenos replied and called it “big and confusing”.

Another joked that getting lost there was actually a local rite of passage.

Source: TikTok

All things considered, it truly is a testament to Singapore’s city planning that someone could walk through seven interconnected malls without exposing themselves to rain, shine, or traffic.

As for a future trek, Mr Zenos considered trying the proposed Northpoint City, one of Singapore’s largest shopping centres.

Source: TikTok

Earlier this year, a pair of tourists trekked 36km from Woodlands to Marina Bay, taking 11 hours.

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Featured image adapted from @zenosjake on TikTok

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