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M’sian Man Gets Free Groceries After Neighbour Discards Them To Boycott Israel-Supporting Brands

Malaysian Man Discards Food For Boycott In Support Of Palestine, Neighbour Takes Items

With thousands of casualties and a constantly rising death toll, the conflict in Gaza has continued to ravage the region.

As a result, many have called for an end to the continued violence and have been unafraid of expressing their sentiments regarding the issue.

For some, this involves participating in a boycott against brands with alleged connections to Israel, which a man’s neighbour in Malaysia did.

The neighbour had apparently thrown away several food items which the man later took, pointing out that they had already been paid for.

Man takes food neighbour threw away for boycott to support Palestine

Taking to Facebook last Thursday (2 Nov), the man shared that his neighbour’s anger at Israel was “very high”.

The neighbour had thus thrown away several food items as part of the ongoing boycott against several brands with supposed ties to the country.

Since the garbage disposal truck hadn’t arrived yet, the OP said that he took the products.

He went on to reiterate that he was also participating in the boycott but felt that he could use these items since his neighbour had already paid for them anyway.

An attached picture shows that the products included those under Nestlé, Starbucks, and Cadbury, most of them boycott palestinefood boycott palestine

Source: Facebook

According to The Islamic Information, these are part of nearly 180 brands included in the boycott due to their purported support of Israel.

Netizens agree with man’s reasoning

With over 5,000 shares, the post has gone viral on Facebook.

Commenting beneath the picture, one user said they agreed with the OP’s reasoning.

They added that the boycott should only extend to new purchases — not for items already bought.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen who shared the post said that those who have already paid for the products should just use boycott palestinefood boycott palestine

Source: Facebook

They pointed out that in any case, they were unlikely to get a refund after throwing away the items.

This user also suggested donating the products to those in need instead of simply discarding them.

Source: Facebook

Ends up pooling money together for donation

Despite netizens largely agreeing with his actions, the OP later shared in a follow-up post that he felt uneasy after taking the items.

He then brought the matter to his neighbour, who shared that he felt strongly about the boycott.

While the items were expensive, the neighbour clarified that his children, who live overseas, had purchased them for him.

He also said the OP could take the items free of cost.

However, the OP protested, stating that he would not feel satisfied consuming the products, especially considering the rising death toll in Gaza.

Instead, he wanted to help by donating RM100 (S$29) to those in need in Gaza.

Agreeing with this, his neighbour contributed another RM100, which the OP pooled together for the donation.

“Let’s help with prayers and donations as much as possible,” he urged. “Let’s always pray for our brothers in Palestine and boycott where appropriate.”

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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