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Brunei Supermarket Offers Milo Promotion, People Spam Comments In Support Of Palestine

Commenters Support Palestine Under Milo Promotion By Brunei Supermarket

The conflict in Gaza has caused a death toll of over 8,000 as of the time of reporting.

With calls for violence to end on the rise, many citizens across the world aren’t afraid to express their sentiments.

This was evident recently in a promotion for Milo by a supermarket in Brunei.

Since the beverage is produced by Nestlé, a brand with factories in Israel, many flooded the comments showing support for Palestine.

Brunei supermarket’s Milo promo post gets comments supporting Palestine

In a Facebook post on 30 Oct, One Station Supermarket in Brunei shared about a Milo promotion they were hosting.

Source: One Station Supermarket on Facebook

Six 200ml packets of Milo would go for B$3.29 (S$3.29), while four 125ml packets went for B$1.85 (S$1.85).

The reaction to the promotion, though, probably wasn’t what the supermarket expected.

Netizens have bombarded the post with comments supporting Palestine, by listing heart emojis in the colours of the Palestinian flag.

Source: Facebook

At the time of writing, the post has gained over 4,900 comments, a majority containing the emojis.

Comments due to calls to boycott Nestlé

The comments under the Facebook post can be attributed to the ongoing calls to boycott Nestlé, which produces Milo.

The brand has strong connections to Israel, with Just Food stating that their annual report in 2022 showed they had seven facilities in the region for various products.

Source: Romania Insider

In addition, they generated SFr1.5 billion (S$2.2 billion) from Turkey and Israel together, which accounted for 8% of sales in Nestlé’s business in Europe.

Having temporarily shut down a plant in Israel amid the conflict, the company then reopened it.

As such, several sources have listed Nestlé among brands that they urge supporters of Palestine to boycott.

Conflict intensified on 7 Oct

While the conflict in the region has raged on for decades, it intensified recently after Hamas reportedly launched an attack.

Source: Reuters

On 7 Oct, Hamas militants entered Israeli towns, allegedly kidnapping civilians while the group launched a barrage of rockets.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu then said Israel “is at war” with Hamas. He also promised to level Gaza.

In addition, Netanyahu ordered for a stop to the transport of electricity, fuel and goods supplies to Gaza.

Singapore’s response to ongoing war

Since then, Al Jazeera reported that Israeli attacks have killed at least 8,306 Palestinians in Gaza. Over 1,400 have passed away in Israeli as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald additionally quoted the United Nations who said that more than 3,000 children have been killed in Gaza.

Source: Reuters

Singapore has responded by condemning the attacks by Hamas and calling for an end to violence between Israel and Gaza.

In addition, President Tharman Shanmugaratnam addressed the conflict between Israel and Hamas and urged for more humanitarian aid to be allowed to enter Gaza.

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Featured image adapted from One Station Supermarket on Facebook.

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