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M'sia Ex-Teacher Reportedly Becomes Homeless, Has To Ask Neighbours For Food

Teacher In Malaysia Becomes Homeless After Losing Her Job & Being Evicted From Apartment

A teacher in Malaysia is reportedly homeless months after losing her job and using up all her savings.

As she has not been able to pay her bills, the condominium apartment she used to rent halted her water and electricity supplies.

Currently, she apparently squats along the corridor of the condominium apartment she used to rent after her landlord evicted her. On top of that, the ex-educator has to ask neighbours for food to get by.

As she is allegedly wandering around the condominium without a home, there are concerns over her health.

As such, a musician took to social media to publicise her case.

Ex-educator unable to pay bills after losing her job & using up her savings

Malaysian musician Hafiz Hamidun took to his Facebook on Wednesday (18 Oct) to share her story and appeal for assistance.

On behalf of the management of the condominium in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, JMB Neo Damansara, he said that they have run out of ways to help her.

The school the woman taught at reportedly terminated her employment back in May.

Source: Hafiz Hamidun on Facebook

Having lost her income, she used her savings to order food on food delivery apps.

As she has been unable to pay her bills, her water and electricity supplies at her rented condominium apartment were subsequently halted.

Ex-teacher reportedly has to ask for food from neighbours

To get by, the former teacher allegedly resorted to asking for food and drinks from neighbours.

However, they have started to feel uncomfortable, wrote Mr Hafiz.

While she was still living in the apartment, she had apparently also asked them to keep their doors open at night so that there would be light in her unit.

Source: Hafiz Hamidun on Facebook

Even when the management intervened, she refused to leave the unit.

As the woman’s landlord is in the United States, they were unable to take immediate action either.

Homeless teacher apparently declined help from authorities, management appeals for assistance

In July, the management contacted local police, firefighters, and even social services to help her. However, she apparently declined all help and still refused to leave.

Additionally, her family who live in Petaling Jaya reportedly did not want to take responsibility for the woman either.

The landlord eventually evicted her in September, but she continued squatting on the eighth-floor corridor of the condominium.

Source: Hafiz Hamidun on Facebook

Seeing this, the management called the police once again, who are still unable to get her to leave to this day.

Recently, there have been concerns over her deteriorating health amidst unstable weather such as the haze and heavy rain.

As such, the management has no choice but to take to social media to appeal for additional assistance.

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Featured image adapted from Hafiz Hamidun on Facebook

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