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Girl Writes Letter To PM Anwar About School Toilet Problems, He Promises To Fix Them

Girl In Malaysia Pens Letter To PM Anwar About School Toilet Issues

A 9-year-old Malaysian girl recently penned a letter to Prime Minister (PM) Anwar Ibrahim.

In the letter, she asked him to help address the problems that were plaguing her school’s toilets, such as only having two toilets with toilet bowls while the rest are squat toilets.

Having received her letter, PM Anwar acknowledged her feedback and promised to fix the issues.

Girl writes letter asking PM Anwar to rectify problems in school’s toilets

On Sunday (15 Oct), Malaysia PM Anwar shared the adorable letter on his Facebook page.

The letter is apparently from Maryam, a 9-year-old girl.

She opened her message by writing “Hi Uncle Anwar”, before introducing herself and the school she is from.

“I want to tell you about my school’s bathroom,” she continued.

Source: Anwar Ibrahim on Facebook

The 9-year-old then said that as much as she appreciates the premier’s efforts to promote clean toilets in schools, she does not think that her school’s toilets are clean.

Too many squat toilets & missing ceiling tiles

She then proceeded to tell PM Anwar about the issues plaguing the toilets.

“In the first stall of the toilet is a squat toilet. YES, a squat toilet. Beside the squat toilet is a hole that looks like spider can crawl out any second. The rest of the stalls are the same.”

As such, she is requesting the PM to visit her school to take a look at them himself.

She wrote that she had seen many pictures of renovated toilets in other schools, but noted that the toilets in her school do not look like them.

Source: Anwar Ibrahim on Facebook

“For your info, only two toilets have toilet bowls. So please bring more toilet bowls for my school,” Maryam added.

On top of that, she also pointed out some problems with the ceilings in the school toilets.

“At this moment, two of the ceiling tiles are missing.”

Concluding her letter, Maryam simply stated, “Thank you Uncle Anwar.”

PM promises to fix the issues

In his post, PM Anwar publicly thanked Maryam for her letter.

He also promised to fix the problems she brought to his attention.

“I will work harder and expedite to resolve this problem for the sake of the well-being of the children in schools,” he said.

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Featured image adapted from Anwar Ibrahim on Facebook and Facebook.

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