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S'porean's Picture Of Lizardfish Eating A Grouper Wins First Prize In International Photo Awards Category

Singaporean Takes First Place In International Photo Awards Category With Picture Of Fish Eating Another

It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there under the ocean depths. Nothing captured it better than a Singaporean woman’s photo that clinched first place in the underwater category of the Siena International Photo Awards.

Lilian Koh, 47, snapped the underwater photograph off the coast of the Philippines in 2018. The Siena Photo Awards did not restrict entries by year.

Source: @liliankoh on Instagram

The lens practically peered down the open maw of a lizardfish, revealing a desperate grouper alive within, trying to escape.

In an impressive effort, the grouper fought its way out from its predator’s throat and survived.

Woman snaps image of fish eating another fish alive

Deep dives into dark depths yielded wonderful photos of beauty beyond belief. Ms Koh took a dive off the coast of Anilao in the Philippines and caught an incredible life-and-death struggle right in front of her.

The photo, titled ‘Fish Eats Fish‘ showed a lizardfish on the sea floor mouth wide open. Deep within its jaws, a small grouper lay, mouth agape and round eyes wide as if shocked at the situation.

The juvenile grouper fought hard for its life while the lizardfish attempted to ingest it whole. With incredible effort and will to survive, the grouper battled its way out from the belly of the beast and escaped.

The grouper’s great getaway worthy of the third act climax of a blockbuster movie sadly came to a brutal end. According to National Geographic (NatGeo), the grouper survived only moments before a prowling snapper devoured it.

Source: @liliankoh on Instagram

To add to the already amazing situation, Ms Koh also photographed the grouper itself attempting to swallow a smaller whitebait fish while the lizardfish’s maw engulfed it.

Singaporean wins Siena Photo Awards underwater life category

Ms Koh’s photo initially made the finalists of the 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest, according to Core77. Unfortunately, NatGeo did not award a win to her then.

Undeterred, the Singaporean submitted the photograph to the Siena International Photo Awards 2023. Despite facing tough competition like a magnificent orca herding fish, Mr Koh took home the first place award in the ‘Underwater Life’ category.

Source: Siena Awards

Ms Koh called the win “an honour” and expressed gratitude to the Siena Awards jury as well as her supporters.

As a category winner, she received a sweet crystal statuette trophy.

Source: @liliankoh on Instagram

Ms Koh’s photo will also be showcased at an exhibition, and the Siena Awards invited her on stage at the awards ceremony along with the runners-up.

Source: Siena Awards on YouTube

Truly an impressive win and an impressive photo from Singapore’s very own Ms Lilian Koh.

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Featured image adapted from @liliankoh on Instagram and Siena Awards on YouTube.

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