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Republic Poly Lecturer Comes To Class As Spirited Away Character, Students Also Dress Up For Halloween

Republic Poly Lecturer Dresses Up As ‘No-Face’ From ‘Spirited Away’ For Halloween

‘Tis the season of Halloween, and many of us have probably been turning up to school or work in our best cosplay for the occasion.

One Republic Polytechnic (RP) lecturer killed it recently by attending class as a character from the popular ‘Spirited Away’ movie.

She came dressed as ‘No-Face’ from the iconic cult classic — her students also came dressed in various costumes.

Republic Poly lecturer comes as ‘Spirited Away’ character for Halloween

In an Instagram reel shared by an RP student named Gladys, the lecturer — known as Ms Teh– was seen waddling into the classroom while dressed as ‘No-Face’.

Source: Instagram

She then switched the lights on and off intermittently to amp up the spooky atmosphere.

Source: Instagram

To complete the look, Ms Teh also carried a ‘smoking’ cauldron.

Pouring a mixture into a bowl, ‘No-Face’ seemingly performed a chemistry experiment for the students. As the students peered intensely, the contents of the bowl bubbled and foamed.

Source: Instagram

Of course, the class had to continue as usual.

Still wearing the ‘No-Face’ get-up, Ms Teh began teaching her students, which made for an unusual sight. After all, it’s not every day you see ‘No-Face’ giving a lesson in your classroom.

Source: Instagram

Stands out in ‘No Face’ costume

The lecturer’s students didn’t disappoint with their Halloween attires — a few of them came dressed as aliens and Hogwarts students.

Source: Instagram

Three of them even donned banana costumes and posed with their lecturer.

Source: Instagram

Despite their best efforts, the lecturer seemingly stole the spotlight as the best-dressed person in the faculty.

Other students across the polytechnic and staff at a canteen stall also expressed their amusement at the eye-catching outfit.

Source: Instagram

The video ended with the lecturer sprinting back to the staff room with her food in hand — which thankfully didn’t consist of spirits.

Source: Instagram

Incredibly enough, this isn’t the first time that the lecturer dressed up for Halloween.

Earlier this week, another student posted a video of her decked out in a T-rex costume.

Class was “laughing and cheering” as lecturer walked in with ‘No Face’ costume

In response to MS News queries, Gladys shared that the class was surprised by the lengths Ms Teh went to for her Halloween outfit.

She had apparently told the class that she was dressing up, but nobody knew just how “extra” she would go.

“Everyone was laughing and cheering as she walked into the class in her huge inflatable ‘No Face’ costume”, recalled Gladys.

Even though Ms Teh had a reputation for dressing up for Halloween, Gladys said experiencing it in person made the lesson “even better and more memorable”.

Ms Teh, who teaches Leisure Events and Entertainment Management, had dressed up as a witch and even a Squid Game guard in the past.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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