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M'sian Laundromat Customers Attempt To Stuff Mattress Into Dryer, Unable To Shut Door

Laundromat Customers Struggle To Stuff Mattress Into Dryer

On a laundry list of things to put in a dryer, a mattress probably doesn’t make an appearance. Yet two customers in a Malaysian laundromat decided to give it a shot.

With great effort, the man and woman in question rolled up their mattress into a cylindrical shape.

They then stuffed it into a dryer but found it was too bulky for the appliance’s door to shut.

The CCTV footage of the incident left the laundromat’s owner speechless, and he warned of the potential dangers of doing so.

Laundromat customers attempt to stuff mattress into dryer

Malaysia’s northeast monsoon season left the weather wet from constant rain and cold. Due to these factors, people flocked to self-service laundromats to dry their wet laundry.

Video footage captured a bizarre scene in a laundromat in Kangar, a town in Perlis, Malaysia. A man and a woman hefted a large green mattress, seemingly intending to put it in the dryer.

Source: 敏~on Douyin

Taking quite some effort, they rolled the mattress up into a cylindrical shape.

Source: 敏~on Douyin

The pair then lifted the coiled-up mattress together and fitted it along its length into the dryer.

Source: 敏~on Douyin

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the mattress failed to fit into the appliance. A chunk of it stuck out, preventing the dryer door from closing. The woman then scratched her head at their predicament.

Source: 敏~on Douyin

Even more strangely, it appeared that they had shoved a second mattress into the bottom dryer earlier, with the same result.

Source: 敏~on Douyin

Mattresses may cause dryer fires

According to China Press, the laundromat owner, Jiang Kaiwei (name transliterated from Chinese), found out about the incident through the CCTV cameras.

Mr Jiang mentioned that other customers had previously placed prohibited items into washers and dryers. These included school bags, carpets, and shoes.

However, an entire mattress stuffed into the dryer still left him speechless.

Mr Jiang explained that latex mattresses in dryers could melt and even start a fire in the laundromat. Such mattresses could only be air-dried.

Fortunately, the situation never got that far in this case, as the dryer doors could not shut. The customers reportedly gave up and removed the mattresses afterwards.

Even so, Mr Jiang reminded the public to pay attention to notices in laundromats on prohibited items.

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Featured image adapted from 敏~on Douyin.

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