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Harvest Moon Will Rise On 29 Sep From 7pm In S'pore, Last Supermoon Of 2023

Harvest Moon On 29 Sep Is The Last Supermoon Of 2023

Last month, Mother Nature treated us to not one, but two gorgeous supermoons. If you somehow missed both of them, you still have one last chance this year.

The Harvest Moon, which will be the last supermoon in 2023, will be taking its place in the night sky on Friday (29 Sep), coinciding with the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The supermoon will start rising and be visible from Singapore at 7pm, and reach its optimal height at 9pm.

Those interested in catching a glimpse of the lunar splendor should choose places with open and unobstructed views of the sky.

Harvest Moon coincides with Mid-Autumn Festival

According to a media statement from the Science Centre Observatory, the Harvest Moon is the last supermoon of 2023. It will rise in Singapore on Friday (29 Sep), the same day as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

last supermoon harvest moonlast supermoon harvest moon

Source: Kenny Chamakh on Facebook

The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the Autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere of the planet. This typically takes place in September and marks the commencement of the fall season.

An equinox is when the Sun crosses the celestial equator. In this case, it crosses from the north to the south.

The name of this supermoon comes from the abundance of bright moonlight early in the evening during this period. This has traditionally been beneficial to farmers harvesting crops from the summer.

This excess moonlight is thanks to the gibbous moon, which rises earlier over several evenings during this time.

A gibbous moon is when it is more than half full from the Earth’s perspective, but not quite fully illuminated, the observatory said.

View supermoon from places with open & unblocked views of the sky

The Harvest Moon this year will start to be visible across Singapore at 7pm, from the east.

Source: Joshua Chua on Facebook

It will then reach its optimum height at 9pm, and remain at a good distance for viewing for the rest of the evening.

You should be able to see the Harvest Moon from anywhere on the island so long as the skies are clear and you have an unobstructed view of it, as with most full moons, stated the observatory.

For those who want a better view of the supermoon, the observatory suggests open areas such as:

Marina BarrageEast Coast ParkThe Southern Ridges

However, do note that the moon’s appearance may vary depending on your location and the atmospheric conditions that night.

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Featured image adapted from Shaji Eapen on Facebook

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