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2 Dogs Die After Visiting Kovan Field, Animal Lovers Place Signs Warning Of Alleged Poisoning

2 Dogs Die After Spending Time At Parry Avenue Field In Kovan

Some pet owners in Singapore recently had to deal with the unimaginable when their dogs suddenly passed.

Their beloved pets apparently died after visiting the same field at Parry Avenue in Kovan.

Source: Facebook

The animal community has since placed signs warning others of the suspected poisoning.

Pet dogs die from suspected poisoning at Kovan field

On Friday (6 Oct), a pet owner rushed their dog to the vet after it developed seizures.

The dog, a barely two-year-old Bernedoodle named Palo, had apparently started seizing just 40 minutes after coming home from the field at Parry Avenue.

Source: @bernedoodlesage on Instagram

After fighting for eight hours, Palo passed away in the presence of those who loved him.

Source: @zeustheaussieshepherd on Instagram

It’s believed that Palo was a victim of poisoning that led to his death.

However, the Bernedoodle was not the only supposed one. Yet another dog, 11-month-old Sunkiss, has also passed away in the last two days.

Source: @sunkiss_thecavachon on Instagram

In Sunkiss’ case, his owners similarly shared that he suffered “excruciating seizures” which left him barking loudly, waking them up from their sleep.

Source: @wreckitcooper on Instagram

By the time they arrived at the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (VES) Hospital, he reportedly no longer had a heartbeat. The vet managed to resuscitate him once but he soon collapsed again.

Sunkiss was said to have passed within just 40 minutes of him suffering seizures.

MS News has reached out to the related parties for more information and will update the story when they reply.

Animal lovers spread the word

Following the alarming deaths of the two dogs, animal lovers have since stepped up to spread the word.

Palo’s owner shared that the dog community has put up signs to prevent any further deaths.

Source: @bernedoodlesage on Instagram

Although it’s not confirmed that the field is toxic to dogs, they urged others to avoid the field at Parry Avenue for now.

“Palo loved this place [and] gave his life to it,” they said. “Let him be the last dog that passes for this.”

In a separate Instagram story, Palo’s owner shared their belief that the surrounding areas around the field may also be affected.

Source: @bernedoodlesage on Instagram

A roughly hewn sign warned owners of suspected dog poison in a list of places, presumably nearby.

MS News has also reached out to NParks for comments on the matter. We’ll update the article if they get back.

We extend our sincere condolences to Palo and Sunkiss’ loved ones. May the two puppies rest in peace.

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Featured image adapted from @bernedoodlesage on Instagram, @sunkiss_thecavachon on Instagram & @bernedoodlesage on Instagram.

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