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Kind Woman Pays Bread For Cashless Helper In Boon Keng, Leaves S$30 In Her Plastic Bag

Kind Stranger Pays For Cashless Helper In Boon Keng

A helper lacking cash when buying bread received heartwarming kindness from a stranger, who paid the product for her instead.

The anonymous woman even left a sizeable amount of notes in her plastic bag for later use.

The helper tried to ask for her phone number or details, but the kind stranger declined.

Overwhelmed with emotions, the helper asked online for details on the woman as she wanted to repay her kindness.

Kind woman pays for helper in Boon Keng

An anonymous participant posted on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore to relate her emotional experience.

Apologising for her broken English, she introduced herself as a domestic helper. Somewhere in Boon Keng, the helper went to buy some bread, only to realise she did not have cash on her.

She intended to cancel the purchase, but a woman stepped in and kindly paid it for her.

While this would be a huge act of compassion already, the stranger took it a step further. She left some cash for the helper inside the plastic bag.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

The photo in the post shows the bread resting in one of those circular plastic containers that wakes the entire house up at 3am.

On top of it lay several banknotes that, at a glance, appeared to add up to S$30, no small change!

The helper attempted to ask for the kind woman’s phone number, but the latter declined to give it.

Netizens urge her to pass the kindness on

The act left the helper in tears, overwhelmed by emotions.

“She means a lot for me as [a] helper. In my hard life still got good people who help me,” she wrote.

Intending to visit her to repay the kindness, the helper posted photos of the woman from behind at Boon Keng.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

She appealed to netizens to inform her if they knew who she was.

Those commenting on the post urged her to ‘pass it forward’ instead, helping someone else who needed it in the future.

Source: Facebook

The woman’s kindness proved to mean a lot to the helper. Hopefully, in the future, she can pass that kindness on to someone in need as well.

As for the rest of us, we all have the ability to make others’ days brighter with any small act.

Earlier this month, a simple handwritten thank you note brightened the day for a Malaysia Airlines pilot and crew.

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Featured image adapted from Complaint Singapore on Facebook.

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