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M'sia Airlines Passenger With Phobia Of Turbulence Writes Note Thanking Pilot For Smooth Flight

Malaysia Airlines Pilot Receives Thank You Message From Passenger For Smooth Flight

Many of us who’ve had smooth flights may take them for granted, but not one Malaysia Airlines (MAS) passenger, who left the pilot a sweet thank you note written on a sickness bag.

Apparently possessing a terrible phobia of turbulence, the passenger was relieved that their flight went without a hitch.

The lovely note made the day of both the captain and crew, who expressed their appreciation for the gesture.

Malaysia Airlines passenger writes thank you note for pilot

The incident apparently occurred on the MAS flight MH2522 from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Kuching on 6 Oct.

Source: Malaysia Airlines, for illustration purposes only

To Captain Paul Lau, the flight was routine. MH2522 flew from KL to Kuching every day around 7.20pm.

Yet after landing, Captain Lau received an unused sickness bag from the flight crew. On it was a message of gratitude from a passenger in neat handwriting.

“Tell the captain that thanks for flying smoothly despite the cloudy weather,” the message read.

Source: Paul Lau on Facebook

“I’ve [a] terrible phobia of turbulence,” the unnamed passenger explained, “and was worried that [the] late evening flight would be bumpy.”

“Thank you guys for the amazing experience. I truly appreciate it,” the passenger continued, adding a smiley face. They then ended by wishing the flight crew a “great weekend”.

Pilot thanks Malaysia Airlines passenger

The heartwarming message brightened the day of Captain Lau and his flight crew.

In a Facebook post, he gave his heartfelt thanks to the passenger on behalf of his crew and MAS in general.

Source: Paul Lau on Facebook

He said that the passenger’s kind words had encouraged the crew to provide “the best [service] they could”.

Ever the professional, he then apologised for the seatbelt signs being turned on for most of the flight due to the bad weather.

“Looking forward to see you on board again,” he concluded.

Praise for both pilot & passenger

The post quickly went viral, gaining over nearly 800 shares at the time of writing.

Many in the comments praised Captain Lau for his skillful flying. Furthermore, they applauded him for responding online to the passenger’s appreciation.

Source: Facebook

Another pointed out that the unused sickness bag made a fitting notepad, given that it proved the lack of discomfort during the flight.

Source: Facebook

One netizen claimed that they always gave thanks to the pilots via the cabin crew upon a smooth landing.

Source: Facebook

Perhaps it’s a good habit to start, given their hard work in keeping us safe on the flight.

Earlier this year, a skilled pilot performed a ‘super smooth’ landing at Changi Airport, earning much praise.

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Featured image adapted from Paul Lau on Facebook and Malaysia Airlines, for illustration purposes only.

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