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Australian Man Faces Off Against 'Jacked' Kangaroo That Was Reportedly Drowning His Dog

Australian Man Fights Off ‘Jacked’ Kangaroo To Save Drowning Dog

One would imagine that the scene of a man fighting a kangaroo would only exist within the confines of ‘Kangaroo Jack’, but one Australian man recently squared up against a “jacked” one, in real life — to save his beloved dog.

He was going about his regular weekend routine when he realised his dog was missing. As he approached the river, he spotted the large marsupial holding the canine underwater.

That was when he decided to face off against the creature to get his pet back.

Even though the kangaroo pushed him underwater, the man managed to surface and escaped unscathed with his dog in tow.

Man spots ‘jacked’ kangaroo holding his dog underwater, decides to fight it off

According to ABC News, Mick Moloney, a resident of Mildura, Australia, was stretching by a log near the Murray River.

It was then he realised that one of his dogs, an Akita named Hatchi, was nowhere to be seen.

Moloney then looked around and spotted a “massive” kangaroo staring at him from the river, with its arms below the water.

Source: Mick Moloney on Facebook

“After about 15 seconds, Hatchi came up and he was in a headlock with this kangaroo,” he told ABC. “Water was just gushing out of his mouth and he yelped quite badly.”

He then tried to scare off the kangaroo by making a loud noise, but to no avail. This was when he decided to get in the water and take matters into his own hands.

He noted the large size of the creature, saying, “The muscles on this thing, I was like ‘This thing’s just got out of jail’ or something… It was jacked.”

Source: Mick Moloney on Facebook

Right before getting in the river, he managed to hit record and captured the entire confrontation on video.

Marsupial pushed man underwater, but he managed to escape with his pet

He later uploaded the video on Facebook on Sunday (15 Oct).

In the video, a voice, presumably Moloney’s, taunted in a sing-song voice, “I’m gonna punch your f–kin’ head in. Let go of my dog.”

Chaos ensued when he struck the marsupial, who then seemingly pushed the man underwater as well.

Source: Mick Moloney on Facebook

Fortunately, he managed to surface after some struggle.

The muscular kangaroo then stared at him and splashed water at the man as he laughed and fled.

Source: Mick Moloney on Facebook

At the same time, he directed Hatchi, now freed from the massive marsupial’s grasp, to follow him.

Fortunately, it seems like both Moloney and Hatchi escaped unscathed from this incident.

Although what Moloney did was a brave act in the face of danger, we would also like to take this chance to remind everyone to not approach or provoke wild animals should you encounter them.

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Featured image adapted from Mick Moloney on Facebook

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