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iPhone 15 Users Complain Of Device Overheating, Reportedly Normal During Setup Process

Some iPhone 15 Users Claim Phone Gets Too Hot To Hold

Lucky folks who have already gotten their hands on the new iPhone 15 series may be excited to use their new devices. But some aren’t having the best time, as they claim that their phones are overheating.

Some even alleged that it was so bad that they could feel the heat through their phone case.

While Apple hasn’t addressed the complaints, they apparently already have a guide to deal with this matter.

New iPhone 15 models allegedly overheating

According to 9to5Mac, many reports are circulating online, by users claiming that their different iPhone 15 models are overheating.

Those who went to the extent of measuring the heat using thermal imaging cameras allegedly recorded temperatures of up to 46°C.

Source: BullsLab on YouTube

Understandably concerned, users have taken to the Apple discussion forum to share their experiences.

This user claimed that their phone was “heating up even when they’re (I’m) not using it”.

Source: Apple

Others similarly chimed in, sharing that their phones overheat during a call and even to the point where they can’t hold the device for too long.

Source: Apple

Many noted that the rate of overheating is comparably faster than previous Apple models.

Not an unusual occurrence

Since literally hot phones don’t seem to be a new issue, Apple already has a support page offering tips for users.

Firstly, they listed some activities which may cause the device to start heating up:

During the first setupRestoring from backupCharging the device wirelesslyUsing graphics- or processor-intensive apps, games, or features (including augmented-reality apps)Streaming high-quality videos

They assured users that the device’s temperature should return to normal thereafter. As long as there’s no temperature warning, the phone should be safe for use.

Regardless, the problem doesn’t seem to be very common among all iPhone 15 users. Some offered solutions in the discussion forum while others said that the issue will pass after the initial setup.

Do you own the latest model and face any issues? Share your experience in the comments.

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