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M’sian Mamak Restaurant Installs ATM Next To Cashier To Make Payment Convenient For Customers

Mamak Restaurant In Malaysia Installs ATM Next To Cashier

In an age where electronic payment methods are becoming the norm, many of us are not carrying as much cash as we used to.

However, this could still get us into a pickle at places where only cash is accepted.

This will no longer be an issue for patrons of a mamak restaurant in Malaysia as it has recently installed an automated teller machine (ATM) on its premises.

ATM mamak restaurantATM mamak restaurant

Source: @khairizulfadhli on X

A customer shared a photo of the ATM online, which quickly earned praise from netizens for being an innovative solution.

OP quips that ATM at mamak will put an end to QR payment complaints

On Wednesday (27 Sep), X (formerly known as Twitter) user Khairi Zulfadhli shared a photo of an ATM he spotted at a mamak restaurant.

ATM mamak restaurantATM mamak restaurant

Source: @khairizulfadhli on X

Translated, his caption reads, “Since the Malays are making a fuss about QR payments, this mamak restaurant has installed an ATM beside the counter.”

He was referring to a controversy brewing in Malaysia about the possibility of vendors getting charged a transaction fee for payments received via DuitNow, which basically works like PayLah! here in Singapore.

However, at least two banks have since announced a waiver for the fees, according to The Star.

In the OP’s photo, the ATM can be seen right next to the cashier, making it highly convenient for customers short on cash to make withdrawals on the spot.

The ATM will also come in handy for customers who have trouble paying with credit cards, debit cards or QR codes.

Additionally, multiple signs with DuitNow QR codes can be seen around the cashier, proving that the eatery has kept up with the times.

Netizens praise mamak restaurant for thinking ahead

Netizens were full of praise for the ATM, with many lauding the mamak restaurant for taking such an initiative.

One called it an “insane” — in a good way — idea, saying customers no longer have to worry about not having money to pay now that the ATM is right beside the cashier.

Source: @khairizulfadhli on X

Another agreed, saying this is what it means to have a forward-thinking mindset.

ATM mamak restaurantATM mamak restaurant

Source: @khairizulfadhli on X

One joked that people can no longer ask their friends to pay for them first.

Source: @khairizulfadhli on X

However, there were a few quibbles here and there, like this commenter who was concerned about having to pay a RM1 (S$0.29) ATM transaction fee.

Source: @khairizulfadhli on X

Always carry some cash on hand for safety

This ATM will certainly alleviate payment troubles for the mamak restaurant’s customers.

In the long run, it will also pay off for the restaurant as it could attract even more patrons.

Hopefully, this will inspire other eateries to look into doing the same thing down the road.

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Featured image adapted from @khairizulfadhli on X.

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