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IKEA Launches New Space-Themed Collection, Snap Up Items Such As Alien Plushies & Sweet Treats

IKEA Has New Space-Themed Collection Which Includes Alien Plushies & Rocket Tent

If your child currently has an incurable obsession with aliens, look no further than IKEA to meet their space-themed needs.

The company has now launched the AFTONSPARV collection, based on the theme of planets, aliens and outer space.

From adorable alien plushies and finger puppets to even a children’s rocket tent, this is one collection you would not want to miss out on.

IKEA launches space-themed collection with plushies and more

IKEA first launched the collection on 28 Sep and the items were available online since 1 Oct.

Named AFTONSPARV, the collection includes a plethora of items inspired by outer space.

Source: IKEA

For instance, the green alien plushie is a definite must-have for the astronaut enthusiasts among us. It’s also affordable to boot, at just S$10.

Source: IKEA

Apart from the alien plushie, there are also adorable cat, bear and rabbit soft toys — all suited up as astronauts for their great space adventure.

Source: IKEA

IKEA’s S$10 five-piece finger puppet set would also allow your child to engage their creativity, taking it to places farther than Neptune.

Source: IKEA

Meanwhile, the S$29.90 children’s tent lets your kids live out their dreams of becoming a space-faring explorer.

Source: IKEA

Curtains, LED lamp and storage boxes on sale

Of course, toys and tents aren’t all there is to the AFTONSPARV collection.

If you’d like to refurbish your room in the style of the Milky Way, various accessories are also available.

Priced at S$39.90, this set of curtains dotted with glow-in-the-dark space-themed patterns would give any room an “Interstellar” vibe.

Source: IKEA

The collection’s S$40 LED lamp — shaped exactly like a rocket — is also a must-have for space enthusiasts.

Source: IKEA

A trip to IKEA isn’t complete without a pit-stop at the dining area and now, there are some new selections on the menu.

Those with a sweet tooth can rejoice over space-themed desserts like macarons with adorable designs worthy of your Instagram feed.

The two-piece astronaut macaron set priced at S$12 is definitely a must-try, as is the S$2.50 astronaut and alien cookie.

Source: IKEA

There’s even a S$4.50 alien cake, although this will only be available from 6 Oct.

Source: IKEA

Fun children’s programmes for kids to enjoy

IKEA will also be hosting a series of programmes for children to fully immerse themselves in the world of outer space.

You can bring your child for an afternoon of colouring in space-themed cardboard templates and letting their inner artist run free.

Partnering with local community partner ASPN Centre for Adults, IKEA will give your kids the chance to participate in fun and simple games as well.

And you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on a fun meet-and-greet with Hej, IKEA’s astronaut mascot.

More details on the timings of the programmes are available here.

IKEA’s space-themed collection brings the galaxy into your home

With such a wide variety of products, this collection is definitely a must-buy for the space fans among us — even the adults.

Judging by the quality of the items in the collection, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see long queues and early sell-outs.

Don’t hesitate to drop by any IKEA outlet or place an order online before it’s too late.

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Featured image adapted from IKEA.

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