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Retro HDB Metal Toilet Door Brings Back Childhood Memories, Praised For Practicality

Old-School HDB Metal Toilet Door Sparks Nostalgia

As Singapore rapidly develops, many pieces of its past are getting lost along the way. One Facebook user looked back on a relic that not many younger generations would’ve seen — a metal toilet door from a Housing Development Board (HDB) flat, dating back to the 1970s and 80s.

Source: William Oh on Facebook

His post has since gone viral with over 600 shares in a day.

In response, many Singaporeans rallied in the comments section with childhood anecdotes about the iconic door.

Metal toilet doors were common in 1970s & 80s HDB flats

The OP first shared his thoughts about the door in a Facebook post on Friday (6 Oct).

He noted that as Singapore rapidly develops, HDB aluminium or zinc toilet doors from the 1970s and 1980s are slowly but surely disappearing from newer Built-To-Order (BTO) flats.

Source: Facebook

These doors, he said, hold a special place in the hearts of many.

“Characterised by its distinctive silver sheen and functional design, these doors served as a testament to an era when simplicity and efficiency were paramount in HDB living,” noted the OP.

The doors were apparently a common sight in most HDBs built during that time.

Source: Facebook

According to the OP, many homeowners liked it for its practicality as it was lightweight and easy to maintain.

He called this door a “relic of a bygone era” as newer homeowners now prefer sleeker contemporary designs.

Man keeps HDB metal door as a piece of history

For him though, the door holds precious memories of a time long past.

“The creak of the aluminium door, the clinking of the handle, and the way it always seemed to let in just the right amount of light are all etched into the collective consciousness of Singaporeans,” he said.

The OP then noted the importance of preserving these cultural artefacts that connect Singaporeans to their past.

As it turns out, he had kept one of his original aluminium toilet doors from the 1980s as a piece of nostalgia and history.

Singaporeans share memories of toilet door

Many who saw the post were similarly nostalgic about the said relic. One commenter looked back on the practicality of the door.

Source: Facebook

The toilet’s occupant could easily sling their towel and clothing over the top of the door. What’s more, he remembered arranging his toiletries along the door’s horizontal beams.

“That time [there was] no need for hooks/rails/shelves,” said the commenter.

Meanwhile, another Facebook user shared some sweet childhood memories where she and her siblings would prank the toilet’s occupant.

Source: Facebook

“My siblings and I used to pour cold water over the top into the bathroom while someone was bathing,” she shared.

“Surely this prank [is] only reserved for kids.”

The post has since garnered over 600 shares at the time of writing, with over a hundred comments from Singaporeans sharing their thoughts and memories.

Some, like the OP, had even planned to use the iconic door as a part of their home’s aesthetic.

Source: Facebook

Kudos to the OP for sharing this little nugget of history. It has no doubt educated some and brought back fond memories for many.

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