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Hash Brown Charged As 'Fish Fillet' At SGH Food Court, Koufu Will Review Prices With Stall

Diner Pays S$8 For Nasi Padang At Koufu SGH, Hash Brown Charged As ‘Fish Fillet’

Yet another diner has come forward to air their grievances about the pricing at Singapore’s food courts.

On Wednesday (25 Oct), a Facebook user took to the Complaint Singapore group to share the experience they had at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) food court.hash brown fish fillethash brown fish fillet

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According to the OP, she was charged S$8 for a plate of nasi padang.

Upon looking at the receipt, she noticed that the stall had charged her S$2.20 for a piece of hash brown and labelled it “fish fillet”.

Koufu has since stated that they have reached out to the customer and that they will review the prices with the stall.

Hash brown considered ‘fish fillet’ at Koufu SGH stall

In her post, the OP wrote that she paid S$8 for a dish consisting of one meat and two potato sides at the nasi padang stall in Koufu’s SGH branch.


One of the sides was a hash brown, which — as we all know — is made out of potatoes that have been chopped up and deep-fried.

While the other potato side was charged as a vegetable, the hash brown, strangely, was not.

In fact, the receipt showed that the staff had keyed it in as a “fish fillet” that cost S$2.20.


The OP added that the stall employee told her the hash brown was a “meat item”, leaving her understandably baffled.

When another user left a comment asking if there was meat inside the hash brown, the OP clarified that there wasn’t.


“It’s potato only,” she said.

Koufu to review prices with stall

Responding to MS News’ queries, a Koufu representative explained that hash browns are not usually included in the nasi padang stall’s menu.

Therefore, a point-of-sale key was not created for this particular item.

In any case, Koufu will conduct a review of the pricing with the tenant. They have also reached out to the customer involved.

The Koufu outlet at SGH has garnered attention several times for its prices.

Earlier this week, a customer shared that they were charged S$8 for a plate of vegetarian beehoon. Koufu later said that the price was inaccurate and apologised.

Last month, another diner complained about getting three “tiny” prawns in his S$7.30 tom yum soup.

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Featured image adapted from COMPLAINT SINGAPORE on Facebook.

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