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S'pore Police Issues 'Wall-Walking Push-Up' Challenge, Army & RSAF Respond

Singapore Police Issues ‘Wall-Walking Push-Up’ Challenge, Army & RSAF Accept It

Our various security and defence forces have to be in great shape to do their jobs.

And they were able to demonstrate just how fit they are when the Singapore Police Force (SPF) issued a push-up challenge on TikTok.

Note: The blue tiles on the right side of the video are actually part of the floor, while the officer is ‘walking’ on the wall. Doesn’t look so easy now, does it?

The SPF then called on the Singapore Army to replicate the impressive exercise, and the latter readily responded before passing the baton to the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

Not to be outdone, the RSAF completed the task with a smile and tagged the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), who crushed the challenge too.

Police issue wall-walking push-up challenge

The sergeant’s barking command is only all too familiar to every Singaporean who has done their National Service (NS).

Push-ups have become a way of defining the strength and fitness of the various personnel defending the country from threats inside and out.

As such, the police released a TikTok video on 13 Oct, captioned, “Staying fit to protect and serve!”

In the video, a muscular police officer appears to be doing some push-ups against a wall.

Source: @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok

He slowly shuffles back and forth along the floor, watched by the iconic “shop theft is a crime” cardboard cutout officer.

The policeman then turns to smirk at the camera and unexpectedly walks off on the ‘wall’, now revealed to have been the floor all along.push-up challengepush-up challenge

Source: @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok

This means that he had been performing the push-ups by ‘walking’ his feet up and down the actual walls — something that would require immense core strength to achieve.

The difficulty of the ‘wall-walking’ push-ups impressed many netizens.

Source: TikTok

With the officer’s fitness thoroughly displayed, the SPF challenged the Singapore Army to do the same workout.

Singapore Army knocks it down

The Army didn’t back down, releasing their own video on 18 Oct — after all, what other force is as symbolically linked to push-ups as the green-camoed army men?

“We heard you loud and clear, Singapore Police Force,” the caption reads.

In the clip, a fit-looking soldier performs the push-ups in full uniform with similar ease.push-up challengepush-up challenge

Source: @oursingaporearmy on TikTok

The army took the background decor one step further by featuring a sideways armchair and dolls stuck to them.

They even included photo frames and an army bag, all placed in a way to make the illusion even more convincing.

Once done, the soldier flashes a smile, picks up his bag, and leaves.

Perhaps some platoon of cadets found out about a new type of punishment that day.push-up challengepush-up challenge

Source: @oursingaporearmy on TikTok

“Our soldiers are ever fit and ready to protect our nation too!” the Army wrote. They threw down the gauntlet to the RSAF next.

RSAF goes above & beyond in push-up challenge

If the physiques of the pilots in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ are any indication, you’ve got to be fighting fit to fly a plane too.

The RSAF took the chance to prove their strength as an airman wearing a flight suit completed the difficult challenge three days ago.

Source: @thersaf on TikTok

One commenter critiqued the sliding boots on the wall, almost like a moonwalk.

But a clever defender wittily explained that pilots have to be smooth to “zoom through the skies”.

Source: TikTok

Completing the challenge with a bright smile, the airman left, passing the baton to the ICA.push-up challengepush-up challenge

Source: @thersaf on TikTok

ICA secures challenge completion

The ICA took no prisoners in their attempt, releasing the TikTok video on Wednesday (25 Oct).

A muscular officer crushed the push-up challenge, even taking big strides up and down the wall.push-up challengepush-up challenge

Source: @ica_singapore on TikTok

The ICA even appeared to set up a coat rack on the ‘wall’ with a uniform hanging from it.

With a passionate grin, the ICA officer hopped to his feet, fetched his uniform, and walked off.push-up challengepush-up challenge

Source: @ica_singapore on TikTok

This time, they picked both the Singapore Prison Service and HomeTeamNS to complete the challenge.

Given the recency of ICA’s post, neither has responded, but hopefully, they’d get to show off their skills too.

Which service do you think did the wall-walking push-ups best?

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Featured image adapted from @singaporepoliceforce on TikTok and @oursingaporearmy on TikTok and @thersaf on TikTok.

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