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GV Bugis+ Nearly Restarts ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Movie Due To Error, Customers Get Free Tickets

Golden Village Bugis+ Nearly Restarts ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Movie 1 Hour In

UPDATE (7 Nov, 5.20pm): Golden Village (GV) informed MS News that a server issue interrupted the ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF)’ movie screening at 3.15pm on 5 Nov. They apologised for the incident and said that affected patrons may email for assistance. You may read GV’s full response below.

A horror movie about killer animatronic robots is scary for sure, but that was nothing compared to the sheer terror viewers felt when told their movie would restart an hour in.

TikTok user Jayden was enjoying the popular ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF)’ movie at Golden Village (GV) Bugis+ when an error occurred an hour into the screening.

A staff member then told the audience they would restart the movie. Flabbergasted moviegoers reacted in shock at having to rewatch more than half the film.

Eventually, the employees resumed the movie instead, with complications. GV staff handed some free tickets to the OP and his friends as compensation.

‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ GV screening interrupted by error

TikTok user @heyyojayden posted a video of his experience at GV Bugis+ when trying to catch the movie ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF)’.

Jayden told MS News that he and his friends went to the cinema on 5 Nov at 3.15pm to catch the flick that’s adapted from the popular horror game franchise.

Source: Golden Village

An hour into the screening, however, the film just stopped. A staff member reportedly told the audience that there was an unspecified error.

Source: @heyyojayden on TikTok

“Sorry, we’re rectifying the issue first,” the employee allegedly explained, “then we restart the movie again.”

Source: @heyyojayden on TikTok

Gasps immediately sounded from many cinemagoers.

“Huh?” one especially flabbergasted woman exclaimed. “Restart uh?”

“Yeah,” the employee replied, to which the audience broke into surprised murmurs at the prospect of restarting that far back. Someone asked if the cinema could just fast-forward to where they had stopped.

“We need to see the issue first,” the employee calmly responded, “if we cannot [resume] then we play…from the start.”

FNAF movie eventually resumes — at the wrong spot

“Oh my god, no way,” someone whispered, while one of Jayden’s friends facepalmed in frustration. The audience collectively groaned and began to complain.

Source: @heyyojayden on TikTok

Even so, Jayden noted that it wasn’t the employee’s fault, and said he deserved a raise for doing his job so professionally despite an upset crowd.

After some time elapsed, someone was heard saying, “One hour already.”

Amidst the chorus of complaints and annoyance, the employee checked his phone, presumably in communication with other staff.

“We resume the show,” he promptly told the audience, who collectively heaved a sigh of relief.

Source: @heyyojayden on TikTok

However, even this came with a side of complications. Jayden told MS News that the cinema resumed the show at the wrong scene, past the point where the error had happened.

Unfortunately, in his words, this skip-ahead “spoiled the experience for everyone”. Jayden also said that the staff fast-forwarded into different scenes four times in their attempts to resume the screening, with the delay lasting at least 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, Jayden stayed till the movie ended, giving it a decent rating of 7/10. He admitted that it could have been scarier if not for the error.

Golden Village staff give free tickets to customers as compensation

After the movie, Jayden and his friends headed to the cinema’s counter and told the staff about the disappointing error. They also requested some form of compensation for it.

According to Jayden, the GV staff initially refused, citing the movie’s resumption. They also assumed that the audience had been okay with the situation, when in fact many were apparently annoyed.

Hoping to reason with the employees, Jayden listed the following reasons for why they deserved the compensation:The movie had resumed at the wrong pointSince they paid for the movie, they deserved to watch its full durationThe tickets did not come cheap

Having heard his points, the counter staff compensated them with free movie tickets.

Source: @heyyojayden on TikTok

In response to a query, Jayden said that the complimentary pass allowed them to watch any movie, but only a week or two after release.

Source: TikTok

Netizens find situation hilarious

Many netizens found the situation humourous, especially the aforementioned woman’s reaction to the potential restart.

Source: TikTok

A commenter alleging to be a GV staff member claimed that whether a show resumed after a pause or restarted, they would give customers free passes. Jayden, however, replied that he and his friends had to bargain for the free passes instead.

Source: TikTok

One person joked that the movie stopped because it was too scary, with the FNAF characters turning the screen off.

Source: TikTok

The sudden stoppage felt almost fitting for the movie as players could run out of power and be left sitting in the dark in the game it’s based on.

Thankfully, nothing appeared in the dark to attack the audience in the movie theatre.

Source: FNAF Wiki

In response to queries from MS News, GV explained that a server issue had interrupted the movie screening that day. Here’s their statement in full:

A server issue caused a brief interruption during the November 5th, 3.15pm screening of Five Nights at Freddy’s at Golden Village Bugis+. The movie stopped about an hour into the screening which the team rectified the server issue in ten minutes, and screening resumed shortly thereafter.

GV would like to apologise for the incident. We have conducted a technical check to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

We thank our moviegoers for their patience and kind understanding. Patrons affected by the incident can reach out to us at

Earlier this year, a ‘Barbie’ screening in Malaysia was disrupted not by technical difficulties, but rather by a rowdy couple.

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Featured image adapted from Golden Village and @heyyojayden on TikTok.

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