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Cyclist Crosses Fullerton Road At Green Light & Gets Hit By Car, Flung Off Bicycle

Car Crashes Into Cyclist Crossing Fullerton Road At Green Light, Throws Him Off Bicycle

Road safety guidelines exist for a reason, as one cyclist found out the hard way.

He was hit by a car on Fullerton Road after trying to cross to the other side when the lights on the main road turned green.

The scary impact flung him off his bicycle and several metres through the air.

Subsequently, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived and transported him to the hospital.

Car hits cyclist at Fullerton Road

According to the SG Road Vigilante Facebook post, the incident occurred on Sunday (8 Oct) at 5.07pm.

The camcar stopped at a red light in the middle lane of Fullerton Road, with many pedestrians crossing the road.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

The video also shows that the leftmost lane is empty of cars.

Eventually, the green man stops, and the red light turns green. However, at this moment, a cyclist comes into the frame from the right, trying to ‘chiong’ across to the other side in the first moments of the green light.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

Most cars, having to accelerate from a standstill, notice him or are too slow to hit him.

However, a green Sienta comes at a high speed on the leftmost lane. With no cars in that lane, the Sienta has no reason to brake when it reaches a green light.

Furthermore, the other cars blocked the driver’s view of the cyclist.

As such, the car flies through the traffic light and crashes into the cyclist.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

Driver hurries to check on cyclist

The brutal impact sends the rider and his bicycle flying into the air before crashing back down onto the road.

The crash flings the bicycle clear across the road, where it lands on the rightmost lane.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

The occupants of the camcar let out startled exclamations at the severe collision.

The Sienta quickly brakes, stopping a metre or two before where the cyclist landed. The driver, wearing a white shirt, exits the car and hurries to check on the victim.

On the left side of the road, a crowd of passers-by gather to look at the scene.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

As the camcar cautiously passes the site, they see the cyclist lying unmoving on the road. It is unclear if he fell unconscious.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

SCDF rushed the victim to SGH

The SCDF told MS News they were alerted to the accident at 5.10pm. SCDF personnel conveyed the cyclist to Singapore General Hospital.

The accident proved startlingly similar to a recent one, where a cyclist crossing during the green light was hit by a car, sparking debate on who was at fault.

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Featured image adapted from SGRV ADMIN on Facebook.

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