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S'pore Driver Accelerates At Green Light & Knocks Down Cyclist, Debate Ensues Over Wrongful Party

Singapore Driver Knocks Down Cyclist At Green Light, Sparks Debate

Dashcam footage uploaded to Facebook showed a driver hitting a cyclist at a green light.

The cyclist had made his way across the road only after the red man appeared and the traffic lights for cars turned green.

Strangely, the driver appears to ignore the cyclist and accelerates into them, knocking the rider off their bicycle.

The driver claimed not to have not seen the cyclist and this sparked a debate over who the wrongful party was.

Driver hits cyclist at green light

The dashcam footage of the car involved showed that the incident occurred on 2 Oct at 8.31pm.

As the vehicle approached the crossing, two pedestrians had just safely stepped onto the pavement.

The traffic light then turns green, and so the driver continues on without braking.

Source: on Facebook

Coming from the right though, was a cyclist who continued to cross the road — oblivious to the green lights.

Source: on Facebook

Moving at a constant speed, the cyclist glances over at the approaching car for a second.

The driver appears to not notice the entire moving bicycle and fails to brake. The car thus crashes into the cyclist, knocking them off their bike.

Source: on Facebook

“Walao, come from where one?” exclaimed the driver.

He can then be heard opening the door to check on the rider. Thankfully, the car was traveling at a slow speed when it collided with them.

Source: on Facebook

Netizens debate over who was at fault

In the comments section, netizens debated over who was at fault following’s prompt in the caption.

Many placed the blame on the car’s driver. One commenter noted that although the traffic lights favoured him, he had to be wary of his surroundings and look out for other road users.

Source: Facebook

Other commenters wondered how the driver did not see the cyclist despite the slow speeds and proximity. Some even speculated that the driver hit the cyclist on purpose.

Source: Facebook

Others gave him the benefit of the doubt, however. One netizen suggested that the car’s A pillar blocked their view of the bike, while another highlighted that there are differences in the dashcam view and driver view.

Source: Facebook

Furthermore, there proved no shortage of people who blamed the cyclist.

Source: Facebook

Who do you think was the wrongful party?

Earlier this year, a van collided with a cyclist who ignored the red man in Kallang, with most blaming the cyclist in this situation.

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Featured image adapted from on Facebook.

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