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Floor Tiles In Sengkang Unit Pop Up & Shatter Loudly, Homeowner Seeks Solutions Online

Floor Tiles In Sengkang Living Room Start Popping & Shattering Suddenly

What was a quiet Sunday evening turned into a horror show for Facebook user Mr Ho when he saw shocking scenes on his in-home CCTV cameras — the tiles on his living room floor popping and shattering loudly.

The tiles seemingly cracked in succession, with some bending upwards and others popping clean out of the floor and breaking into pieces.

Thankfully, no one was home at the time or got hurt.

Tiles in living room start popping up randomly

On 8 Oct, Mr Ho posted two videos in the Singapore Home DIY Facebook group of the unusual incident that occurred in his home earlier that evening.

The clips capture what happened at about 3.20pm from two angles, one showing the living room and areas outside the bedrooms.

For most of the runtime, nothing appears to be happening. However, a constant cracking noise can be heard throughout the house, slowly getting louder and louder.

Finally, a line of tiles suddenly folds upwards with a much louder crack, knocking a shelf upwards and setting off a chain reaction.

Source: Teddy Ho on Facebook

With that, tiles start popping out of place and breaking into shards — some of which fly a short distance into the air and shatter upon landing.

Source: Teddy Ho on Facebook

A camera from another angle shows how the cracks occur across neat rows into the living space.

Source: Teddy Ho on Facebook

The dislodging tiles push each other out of place as well, breaking apart and spraying tiny shards of ceramic everywhere.

Source: Teddy Ho on Facebook

The cracking sounds then continue for a while with no visible destruction. Then, like a last hurrah, one more tile breaks in half, shaking some stacked tables in the process.

Source: Teddy Ho on Facebook

Netizens suggest homeowner seek professional help

The popping tiles scared some netizens, who were glad that no young children or other people for that matter were around when the incident happened, as they could have gotten hurt.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, others offered tips on what to do next, perhaps in response to Mr Ho’s question in the caption, “No hope for DIYing right?”

Suspecting that the popping tiles could be the result of poor installation, one commenter suggested for the OP to leave the repair work to professionals instead.

Source: Facebook

Alternatively, assuming that the unit is a Housing & Development Board (HDB) flat, another netizen urged Mr Ho to report the incident to the relevant authority.

Source: Facebook

According to a written answer by the Ministry of National Development (MND) in 2021, “flat owners are responsible for the maintenance of their flats”.

However, HDB will provide repair help for a period of up to 15 years. Those who need financial assistance to cover the cost of repair can seek assistance from the Community Development Councils (CDCs) or grassroots organisations.

MS News has reached out to HDB for comments on the incident and will update the article should they reply.

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Featured image adapted from Teddy Ho on Facebook.

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