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Customer Upset By Eunos Hawker Stall's S$3 Charge For 2 Pieces Of Prata, People Say It's Affordable

Customer Claims S$3 For 2 Pieces Of Prata At Eunos Hawker Centre Isn’t Affordable

With prices increasing constantly, diners would naturally want to enjoy cheaper meals at the hawker centres they frequent.

One customer, however, received backlash online after expressing their desire for a local stall to charge lower prices for their food.

They said S$3 for two pieces of prata, which a stall at a Eunos hawker centre charged, was too expensive.

Source: Facebook

In response, netizens slammed them for the view, arguing that it was affordable.

Customer upset with Eunos stall for charging S$3 for 2 pieces of prata

According to the Facebook post on Complaint Singapore, the OP shared that they recently dropped by a hawker centre in Eunos.

While there, they saw a prata stall charge S$3 for two pieces of plain prata, which they said “really disappointed” them.

Source: Facebook

“It’s just heartbreaking to see,” the OP said.

Netizens say pricing is affordable

The post has since gone viral on Facebook, with over 600 comments from netizens online.

Many slammed the OP for their view on the pricing, arguing that it was actually affordable for customers.

Source: Facebook

One netizen said that hawker stalls also needed to make a living. As such, the price seemed reasonable.

Source: Facebook

Another user claimed that S$3 for two pieces of prata was the prevailing market rate for hawker centres. Furthermore, the stall they frequented at Changi Business Park also charged the same price.

Source: Facebook

In response, the OP said many Eunos residents were old folks, stressing that “not all are rich”.

Source: Facebook

The overall consensus was that the OP’s view of the pricing wasn’t fair towards the hawker stall. After all, they, too, need to make a living in this current climate of rising prices.

What do you think of the price? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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