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Customer Orders Lor Mee At Woodlands Hawker Centre, Allegedly Receives 2 Bites Worth Of Food

Woodlands Hawker Stall Allegedly Serves Meagre Portions Of Lor Mee

Cheaper meals coming in smaller servings shouldn’t be a surprise considering the state of the economy these days. But a patron found just two bites worth of food a step too far.

Posting on Facebook in disappointment, the patron explained that she ordered a bowl of lor mee from a hawker stall in Woodlands.

When she received her order, the amount of food in the bowl — which she alleged was only two scoops worth of noodles — shocked her.

The OP argued that stalls should serve customers a reasonable quantity of food lest they tarnish their own reputations.

Woodlands stall serves 2 bites of lor mee in a bowl

On Monday (2 Oct), the OP posted several photos in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group. In the post, she briefly talked about her negative experience at a hawker centre in Woodlands.

Source: Facebook

She ordered a bowl of lor mee from a noodle stall there but was shocked when she received a meagre portion.

The photos she shared showed the thick gravy not even reaching the halfway point of the bowl. The noodles within were scarcer still.

Source: Facebook

The OP claimed that the quantity of mee hoon served constituted just two bites. To demonstrate, she scooped up a huge chunk of noodles onto her spoon, which she claimed was just her first scoop. While half a hard-boiled egg took up much of the space, she still managed to scoop up some noodles, leaving very little behind in the bowl.

Source: Facebook

The pitiful portion apparently caught the eyes of other patrons and even staff at the nearby coffee stall. They allegedly expressed astonishment at the meagre amount of food as well as the “unappealing presentation”.

OP says small portions tarnish stalls’ reputations

Sharing her perspective as a customer, the OP said she understood that affordable meals would have smaller portions. However, she felt that just two bites was too far. She even criticised the meal as “far from the usual standards” she expected from hawker stalls.

“I believe that customers should receive a reasonable quantity of food,” the OP said in the post. “Such small portions not only affect customer satisfaction but also tarnish the reputation of the hawker centre and its vendors.”

Commenters on the post similarly expressed their surprise, with one noting that the portion seemed fit for a child and not an adult. They also lamented that food portions were decreasing while prices were only increasing.

Source: Facebook

Another who claimed to have eaten at the same stall before alleged that requesting the staff to add more noodles doesn’t make a difference and isn’t worth the price.

Source: Facebook

As if to round off the experience, the OP alleged that the stall’s staff displayed an “unpleasant attitude [that] really soured her (my) morning”. Their demeanour made enjoying the already unpalatable food all the more difficult.

Source: Facebook

Looking at some of the reviews thus far, the stall evidently may need to consider improving its service. Hopefully, when they do, they’ll only get glowing reviews moving forward.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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