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M'sian Woman Leaves Raw Eggs In Car Till 1pm, Ends Up Having Soft-Boiled Eggs

Malaysian Woman Forgets Eggs In Car, They Get Half Cooked By The Sun

Everyone knows the scorching heat of the equatorial sun here in Southeast Asia. In Malaysia, a woman accidentally left her egg cartons in her car for half the day.

When she retrieved them, she cracked them open, only to find them half-cooked.

The absurdity of the sun having cooked the raw eggs for her caused the woman to seemingly break out in hysterical laughter.

Netizens found the situation amusing as well, telling her to just add soy sauce and pepper.

Woman’s eggs get cooked in car by the sun

According to Wau Post, the Malaysian woman bought the eggs along with other groceries. When she reached home, she took the groceries in, but the eggs in the back seat slipped her mind.

From nighttime to 1pm the next day, the eggs lay waiting there. Eventually, the woman realised she had forgotten the eggs and retrieved them from the car to use in cooking.

A video uploaded to TikTok by her showed the unexpected outcome. When she cracked the supposedly raw eggs open, a soft-boiled egg fell out into the bowl instead.eggs car cookedeggs car cooked

Source: @nanie_azman on TikTok

She overlayed audio of hysterical laughter over the video as she frantically opened the second carton of eggs to check.eggs car cookedeggs car cooked

Source: @nanie_azman on TikTok

The lady cracked it open on the counter, and sure enough, clumps of half-cooked egg fell out and plopped into the bowl.eggs car cookedeggs car cooked

Source: @nanie_azman on TikTok

Still, not one to waste food, she poured them into a pan to cook.

Source: @nanie_azman on TikTok

Just add pepper & soy sauce

Netizens found the whole situation hilarious. One told her she just needed to add soy sauce and pepper for the classic kopitiam half-boiled eggs.

Source: TikTok

Another remarked that the heat cooked the eggs evenly and that it looked like it came from a mamak shop. Who knew the sun was an underrated culinary genius?

Source: TikTok

A witty commenter joked that the OP saved energy and gas by boiling the eggs this way.

Source: TikTok

The video served as a good reminder for everyone not to forget their groceries in their car. Or perhaps, a reminder to leave your groceries in the car and let the sun do the free cooking for you.

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Featured image adapted from @nanie_azman on TikTok.

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