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Men Argue After Driver Honks At Mazda Trying To Enter Lane In Jurong, Police Report Filed

Men Get Into Confrontation In Jurong East After Mazda Driver Tries To Cut Into Lane

On 2 Nov, a driver of a Mazda attempted to cut into a lane in Jurong East in front of another motorist, nearly causing a collision.

This caused the motorist to stop his vehicle and honk at the other man, confronting him for his behaviour. Furious, the latter followed him down the road and tried overtaking him several times.

A verbal altercation then ensued between the two drivers.

The motorist has since said he has lodged a police report regarding the issue.

Men argue after Mazda driver tries cutting into lane in Jurong East

Posting to on Facebook, the dashcam vehicle driver said the incident occurred at 7.20pm along Toh Guan Road in Jurong East.

He told MS News that he had been driving down the lane when the driver of the Mazda attempted to cut in.

Image courtesy of camcar driver

Upon noticing the Mazda, the camcar driver had to jam on his brakes to avoid a collision. If there had been other road users nearby, the camcar driver said he would have been unable to avoid a collision.

Furious, he honked at the Mazda driver and asked aloud, “What are you trying to do?”

He additionally declared that he was recording the incident, and muttered repeatedly that the other driver should not cut into the lane in such a reckless manner.

He then continued with his journey, discussing the matter with his partner who suggested he report it to the Traffic Police.

Mazda driver threatens to punch camcar driver

Unfortunately, the camcar driver’s rebuke made the Mazda driver furious as he began following the former down the street, trying to overtake him and block his way.

While waiting at a traffic light junction, they picked up the fight again, after which the Mazda driver stopped by the roadside and turned on his vehicle’s hazard lights. The camcar driver followed suit.

Image courtesy of camcar driver

The driver of the Mazda then disembarked and walked over to the camcar, repeatedly telling the other driver to get out as well.

At one point, he made a gesture with his fists, as if inviting the other driver to a physical fight.

Image courtesy of camcar driver

Following a vicious back-and-forth during which the camcar driver threatened to sue him, the Mazda driver claimed he had signalled before attempting to enter the lane.

In response, the former said he had not seen the latter doing so.

Camcar driver files police report regarding incident

The argument continued with the Mazda driver threatening the camcar driver again, stating, “I long time never punch face.”

The duo then kept shouting at each other, with the Mazda driver’s partner also exiting the vehicle at one point.

Opening the boot of the car, she appeared to reach for an object but stopped.

Image courtesy of camcar driver

She then pointed her phone’s camera at the camcar, as if to record footage, before approaching the drivers. The video ended shortly after that.

The camcar driver told MS News that he filed a police report regarding the incident that same night and is awaiting updates.

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Featured image courtesy of camcar driver.

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