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S'pore Actor Dennis Chew Receives First Scholarship At 50, Says Age Shouldn't Hinder Passion

Actor & DJ Dennis Chew Receives First Scholarship At 50

Local actor and DJ Dennis Chew has proven that it’s never too late to learn, having attained his first scholarship at 50.

The ecstatic student took to Instagram to celebrate his scholarship as part of his Diploma in Chinese Media & Communication.

Celebrating the achievement, Chew expressed his gratitude to all his teachers who have helped him on his journey.

He also encouraged everyone to not let age hinder them from chasing their dreams.

DJ & actor Dennis Chew studying in polytechnic

To most people, the grind of education and learning happens when you’re still young. Once you’re an adult, it’s off to join the rat race of working life.

However, Mediacorp actor and Love 972 DJ Dennis Chew, who enrolled in Ngee Ann Polytechnic last year at 49 years old, seems to think otherwise.

Source: @denniszhouchongqing on Instagram

Studying for a Diploma in Chinese Media & Communication, Chew has been taking the challenge of further education head-on — even if that means being surrounded by more energetic and tech-savvy 17 and 18-year-olds.

Though tough, he called the learning process exciting and fulfilling. He admitted that he learnt things slower, but was never afraid to ask questions, always giving learning his all.

His feat is perhaps more impressive considering that he’s pursuing full-time studies while juggling his radio career.

Dennis Chew achieves scholarship at age 50

Yesterday (12 Oct), Chew took to Instagram to share that a teacher had messaged him about an “urgent situation”.

Turns out, the ‘situation’ in question was the news that he had been awarded the Kongzi Culture Fund’s Pei Hwa Foundation Elite Scholarship.

Source: @denniszhouchongqing on Instagram

In the post, the celeb said that this was his first-ever scholarship and declared it the best gift for turning 50 years old.

Smiling from ear to ear, Chew held the certificate aloft, hopefully, the first of many fruits of his labour.

Source: @denniszhouchongqing on Instagram

Beaming with well-deserved pride and overcome with emotions, he publicly thanked all his teachers by name for their patient guidance.

He particularly recalled one of his teachers telling the class, “You’re not coming here to class to submit homework, but rather your art.”

Chew felt ready to show everyone his art, hoping they would give him a chance to do so.

Thanks his classmates & bosses

The DJ also extended his appreciation to his classmates, who referred to him as ‘dad’ due to his age.

Indeed, even at the scholarship award ceremony, Chew stood out among his youthful fellow recipients.

Source: @denniszhouchongqing on Instagram

Despite the age gap, he got along very well with his classmates. He called them very intelligent and said he needed to spend extra time and patience to learn compared to them.

Chew then expressed his thanks to some of those ‘kids’ for helping him, saying, “You know who you are!”

He also expressed gratitude to his Mediacorp bosses, for giving him the chance to embark on his journey of learning and self-discovery.

Addressing everyone, he said, “Today, I can stand on this stage and receive this scholarship, and I believe all of you can achieve your dreams too!”

Source: @denniszhouchongqing on Instagram

“Age should never hinder the passion in our hearts!” Chew wrote, urging everyone to pursue their dreams. “Let’s move forward together, my friends!”

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Featured image adapted from @denniszhouchongqing on Instagram.

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