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Delivery Rider Helps To Catch Cockroach In S'pore Home, Grateful Customer Calls Him Her Saviour

Foodpanda Delivery Rider Helps Customer Catch Cockroach

When a woman in Singapore found a big cockroach in her house, she looked towards an unlikely source of help: her foodpanda delivery rider.

The rider agreed, saving his customer from the cockroach with just some tissue paper.

The grateful woman called him her saviour, and even found that her food was still hot after the entire ordeal.

She then attempted to tip him through the foodpanda app for his service.

Woman asks delivery rider to catch cockroach

TikTok user Germain found herself in a nightmare scenario recently when she came face-to-face with a cockroach.

On Monday (9 Oct) at around 3 am, Germain entered the living room after ordering some food — only to spot a large cockroach on the floor.

In her own colourful words, she was confronted by a “MF huge-ass ka zhua”.

Source: @germainIce on TikTok

With no one to help deal with her six-legged home invader, she resorted to desperate measures and contacted her foodpanda delivery rider for help.

Source: @germainIce on TikTok

The delivery rider, Desmond, responded in no time.

“Huh,” he texted back. “Where?”

She then identified that the enemy was hiding behind her hamster cage.

Source: @germainIce on TikTok

Speaking to MS News, Germain shared that he was her last resort and was hopeful, yet surprised when he agreed.

“He could have refused because it’s not within his job scope,” she said.

Foodpanda delivery rider catches cockroach with just tissue paper

Luckily for Germain, Desmond was fearless and even refused to use Baygon to smite the cockroach.

As it turned out, her delivery was his last order of the night and so he had some time before heading home.

Armed only with three pieces of tissue paper and his helmet, he engaged the nighttime visitor in ‘combat’. From the photos, he appeared to successfully catch it near the front door.

Source: @germainIce on TikTok

“He settled the cockroach within five minutes,” said Germain.

After Desmond left, Germain attempted to tip him for his kind act. He had even taken out her trash while disposing of the offensive cockroach.

Unfortunately, she realised only then that foodpanda did not allow post-delivery tipping.

Source: @germainIce on TikTok

Customer service confirmed that customers could only tip in cash during delivery or during checkout online.

Source: @germainIce on TikTok

Delivered food still hot afterwards

With no way to tip, she decided to publicly thank her knight in shining armour on TikTok.

“You and your family and your descendants will be blessed,” she said.

Source: @germainIce on TikTok

To cap off Desmond’s impressive service, Germain highlighted that her food was still hot after the entire situation.

Kudos to delivery riders like Desmond who go above and beyond their job scope to simply help another person in need.

Earlier this year, a courier in Singapore helped a woman extinguish a fire in her home.

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Featured image adapted from @germainIce on TikTok.

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