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Man In China Rejected From Over 10 Factory Jobs, Employers Said His Face Was Too Square

Chinese Man Applies For Job At Over 10 Factories, Allegedly Rejected From All Due To Square Face

Applying for jobs and going through interviews certainly aren’t easy processes.

One man in China experienced this for himself after every employer purportedly rejected him upon meeting him.

The man, Mr Zhang, reportedly applied for jobs at over 10 electronics factories in Zhejiang Province, yet faced universal rejection. The lack of income made even eating three meals a day a tall task.

Surely, the employers must have had a good reason to so unanimously reject him — was he perhaps too rude or extremely unqualified for the tasks?

As it turned out, the factories’ human resources (HR) departments allegedly turned him down because his face was too square-shaped.

Man in China gets rejected over square face

According to Chinese news reports, Mr Zhang moved alone from Henan to Zhejiang to find work.

Source: Weibo

He applied to over 10 electronics factories and hunted for a job for over a week, stating that he was fine with any position.

Yet the HR department rejected Mr Zhang after each interview every single time.

The reason? They supposedly said that his appearance was not what they were looking for.

Source: Weibo

Mr Zhang clarified that they did not consider him too ugly.

Rather, the employers in China rejected him entirely because they found his face shaped too much like a square.

Source: Weibo

Others previously called him nicknames like “Brother Monkey” and the decidedly less creative and more straightforward “Square Face”.

“No matter how ugly I look, I’m hardworking, practical, and able to endure hardships,” Mr Zhang said. “Why not let me work?”

Source: Weibo

Indeed, it seems unlikely for a factory job to be reliant on the shape of one’s head.

Chinese man with square head too poor to afford food

While the employers found the rejection a simple affair, the effects hit poor Mr Zhang hard.

Alone and lacking income, he soon found himself out of funds.

Source: Weibo

On the day of his interview with the news outlet, he could not afford breakfast and had no way to get money from his family.

Source: Weibo

Mr Zhang claimed to be the sole remaining breadwinner in his family, hence his move to Zhejiang.

His lack of income meant no money for his family back home, including his children and parents.

Source: Weibo

At the urging of the journalists, Mr Zhang managed to buy a few small buns for breakfast.

He stated that he would continue his job search once more afterwards.

The journalists also promised to help him search around for possible job openings.

Source: Weibo

MS News wishes Mr Zhang all the best in securing a job.

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Featured image adapted from Weibo.

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