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Certis Cisco Officer Helps Traveller Transfer Toiletries Into 100ml Bottles, Gets Praise For Exemplary Service

Certis Cisco Officer Receives Praise For Assisting Traveller In Transferring Shampoo & Conditioner

For many travellers, the ban on bringing liquids over 100ml onto flights can often be troublesome. Fortunately, airport staff members are at hand to assist us in these situations.

Recently, a woman ran into this issue while boarding a flight at Changi Airport. She accidentally brought her shampoo and conditioner in bottles exceeding the 100ml limit.

Fortunately, the Certis Cisco officer handling her check-in was more than willing to help her with the issue.

Traveller accidentally brings over 100ml bottles

Traveller Yasmine Khater shared details about her experience checking in for a flight at Changi Airport Terminal 4 on LinkedIn.

Source: LinkedIn

Speaking with MS News, she said that her flight was on 12 Dec at around midnight. She thus began to check in for boarding at 11pm.

However, her journey hit a snag when the Certis Cisco officer at hand, Ms Wee Li Fang, told her she was carrying over 100ml bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Yasmine attempted to explain that the bottles were nearly empty and the liquids were well below the 100ml limit.

Unfortunately, the ban targets the size and capacity of such bottles, not their volume – as Ms Wee pointed out.

Yasmine then requested to keep just the conditioner but rules were rules and that wasn’t accepted either.

“I thought I could negotiate my way, but regulations are regulations,” she said.

Certis Cisco officer helps traveller with 100ml bottle requirement

Fortunately for Yasmine, Ms Wee had a pretty ingenious solution to her problem.

After checking her boarding pass again, she said that Yasmine had enough time to transfer the necessary liquids into travel bottles from the pharmacy.

Yasmine gratefully followed her advice and rushed over to get her travel bottles — only to realise that transferring shampoo and conditioner into tiny bottles was a lot harder than it looked.

Noticing her struggle, Ms Wee grabbed a spoon and helped to transfer the conditioner.

Source: LinkedIn

“We laughed together at this situation and if the airport was busier I would suffer alone,” she said, thankful that Ms Wee wasn’t so busy that she couldn’t help Yasmine out.

Yasmine ended her account by expressing her gratitude for Ms Wee, stating:

Certis officer receives praise from commenters on LinkedIn

Yasmine’s post has since gone viral, with many expressing their appreciation for Ms Wee going the extra mile.

Source: LinkedIn

A few shared similar experiences of Changi Airport Group (CAG) staff also helping them out with the boarding process.

Source: LinkedIn

One user, in particular, had the chance to experience Ms Wee’s amazing customer service as well.

When his family mistakenly brought bottles exceeding 100ml, she recommended the same solution for them.

Source: LinkedIn

Unfortunately, as it was a busy morning flight, she was unable to assist them with transferring the liquids over.

Truly, this encounter is a heartwarming reminder of Singapore’s world-class hospitality towards visitors to our country.

Kudos to Ms Wee for providing excellent service to travellers, and we hope Yasmine had a pleasant flight after the admittedly stressful situation.

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Featured image adapted from Yasmine Khater on LinkedIn and Changi Airport Group.

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