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Cat Survives Fall From S‘pore Tree, Woman In Wheelchair Gets Up To Check On It

Woman Gets Out Of Wheelchair After Cat Survives Fall From Tree

They say a cat has nine lives, and a feline in Singapore seemingly used one recently when it fell off a tree in an HDB estate.

It somehow found itself hanging from a tree about four floors off the ground. Miraculously, it survived the fall.

In what seemed to be another ‘miracle’, a woman in a wheelchair got up to check on the cat.

A TikTok video documented both miracles, with viewers expressing their amazement as they watched on.

Cat unhurt after fall from tree, woman gets up from wheelchair to check

On Tuesday (10 October), TikTok user @iwantretire shared a video documenting both miracles on the social media app.

At the start of the minute-long clip, the cat appears to be stuck on a tree in an undisclosed HDB estate.

Source: TikTok

Based on the neighbouring apartment block, the cat seems to be at about the same height as the fourth storey of the residential flat.

It was already struggling as someone went to look for a ladder to save the feline, according to the in-video captions.

Source: TikTok

However, the cat seemingly grew impatient. It lost its footing and fell after several seconds of it holding on for dear life.

Source: TikTok

Thankfully, it landed unscathed and was about to walk away when a woman went to check on it.

Source: TikTok

Here is where the second miracle happened. Apparently, the woman had gotten out of her wheelchair to express her concern for the feline.

Source: TikTok

At this point, the cat then strolled away from the scene as if nothing was amiss.

TikTok users marvel at apparent miracles

Most TikTok users who came across the video expressed amazement at the miraculous plot twists.

One netizen joked that the cat seemingly losing one of its lives gave the woman the ability to walk again, and she might be able to moonwalk if it loses another.

Source: TikTok

Another said that the plot twists in the story resembled that of a Malay television drama. They even suggested a title for the show — ‘My Cat, Auntie, and Wheelchair’.

Source: TikTok

At the same time, there were some who were concerned about the cat. This viewer suggested that someone should still bring it to a vet to check for internal injuries even though it seems fine for now.

Source: TikTok

Over in Thailand, a cat fell from the 6th floor of a condominium but miraculously survived the fall.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok

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