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M'sian Woman Marries Brother Of Late Fiancé Who Died From Drowning, Was Matchmade By His Parents

Malaysian Woman Marries Brother Of Late Fiancé Who Died In Drowning Accident

The death of a loved one, especially someone you envisioned your whole life with, is undoubtedly devastating.

After such a loss, it may be hard to imagine being with someone else, especially when that someone is related to your late sweetheart.

However, that is precisely what happened to one Malaysian woman who found love with the brother of her late fiancé.

After her fiancé drowned in a river earlier this year, his parents matchmade her with his elder late fiancébrother late fiancé

Source: TikTok

Fast forward to today, they are happily married, with the woman describing her story as a ‘beautiful journey of love’.

Woman’s late fiancé drowned a month before marriage ceremony

Tragedy struck 24-year-old Nur Malina Mohd Rozani (Nina) on 25 May this year when her fiancé drowned in a river.

The timing was particularly heartwrenching, as they were due to tie the knot just a month later, according to Harian late fiancébrother late fiancé

Source: TikTok

Nonetheless, the parents of 28-year-old Shahrizuan Shukri, Nina’s late fiancé, loved her deeply and did not want her to be alone.

This led them to matchmake her with Shahrizuan’s 32-year-old brother, Shahron Shukri on 8 Sep. brother late fiancé brother late fiancé

Source: mStar

As fate would have it, Shahron was the only one among his siblings who had yet to marry at the time.

In a somewhat eerie coincidence, Nina said her now-husband also happens to resemble her late fiancé the most and has an almost similar name.

Woman fell in love with late fiancé’s brother after tying the knot

Prior to their marriage, Nina did not know Shahron all that well, and vice versa.

All she had known was that the brothers were nearly identical in looks and names, mStar late fiancébrother late fiancé

Source: Harian Metro

Looking back, Nina felt that there were omens that her late fiancé would leave her side.

“Before his passing, he often gave me words of advice. It was like he knew it was his time to ‘go’, just that we did not see the hints.” she said.

He would also tell her about his unmarried brother and how much he wanted to find someone like Nina for him.

Although they were not initially intended that way, Nina said his words have helped her accept his brother into her life.

After a short courting period of three weeks, Nina and Shahron made things official with a marriage ceremony on 8 Sep.

As a result, they only began fostering romantic feelings towards each other after becoming husband-and-wife.

Woman wholeheartedly accepts husband as he is & has let go of past

While one can imagine how much of her late fiancé Nina sees in her husband, she is determined to move on.

Speaking to Harian Metro, she stated that she does not want to live with Shahron while still seeing Shahrizuan’s face.

“I accept him as he is and that this is all Allah’s plan.” she said.

She added that she now feels contented and at peace. She has also let go of her memories with Shahrizuan, and said her life is now with her beloved husband.

Ultimately, she sees their story as fate, as well as a beautiful journey of love.

Finding love after loss has never been easy, and Nina and Shahron are fortunate to have found theirs so unexpectedly.

We wish them all the best, and hope they have many more years of marital bliss to come.

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Featured image adapted from mStar and TikTok.

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