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British Man Initially Found S'pore 'Too Organised', Praises Pragmatism After Living Here For 33 Years

British Man First Found Singapore ‘Too Organised’ But Now Proudly Calls It Home

Though we may have preconceived opinions about certain places, one can’t truly know a country till they start living in it and experiencing the culture for themselves. A British man who initially found Singapore “too organised” and constrictive seemingly had a complete change of impression after living here for 33 years.

Source: Max Chernov on YouTube

In a recent interview, the man praised Singapore for its pragmatism and how it adapted over the years to fit the changing needs of its people.

Despite not being a Singapore citizen, he said he is proud to call Singapore home.

British man says he enjoys safety in Singapore

74-year-old Dr Philip Merry recently sat down for an interview with Max Chernov, who runs a YouTube channel aimed at bridging divides between locals and foreigners in Singapore, Malaysia, and India.

Dr Merry, who works as a consultant, said he had reservations about living in Singapore before he moved here.

Source: Max Chernov on YouTube

But his impression changed after making the move.

Dr Merry pointed out how he enjoys the safety here in Singapore. He also appreciates the fact that he can wear T-shirts and shorts all year round.

Source: Max Chernov on YouTube

Additionally, he pointed out that Singaporeans are much more group-oriented, as compared to Western countries where people are more individualistic.

For some context, this is how Singapore fared in the Hofstede Cultural Dimensions in comparison with the US and the UK.

Source: Hofstede Insights

Despite initially being apprehensive about moving to Singapore, Dr Merry said his concerns about “constrictions” were allayed when he found out how easy it was to do business here.

This was consistent from 1991 — when he started his business — till today.

Praises Singapore for pragmatism & adaptation over the years

Dr Merry also praised Singapore for its pragmatism and ability to adapt.

He pointed out how Singapore has increasingly embraced diversity and multiculturalism over the years.

Even though Dr Merry felt that Singapore is still a work in progress, he applauded the country’s no-nonsense approach towards racial discrimination,

Furthermore, he noted that the nation has been able to adapt itself to ensure that citizens live comfortably.

Finds people in Singapore friendlier & more personable

Being a UK citizen, it’s only natural for the country to have a special place in Dr Merry’s heart.

But when he returns to London — a place he called home for a decade — he claims that he can’t help but feel a sense of relief that he doesn’t live there anymore.

The Briton alleges that unlike the “hostile culture” he perceives in the UK, people in Singapore are friendlier and more personable.

Dr Merry also said he much prefers politics in Singapore that involve “mature individuals”.

The 73-year-old, however, admitted that there are still aspects of the UK that he enjoys, such as football and its natural scenery.

British man hopes Singapore will ensure everybody’s voices are heard

After explaining his fondness for Singapore, Dr Merry also identified some challenges that Singapore faces moving forward.

One such challenge is the need to continue ensuring that everybody’s voices are heard.

Another obstacle he foresees is the overwhelming political control that some may find unsettling.

Best to experience a country for yourself before arriving at a conclusion

Thoughts and opinions about a country will almost always be divided.

That’s perhaps why it’s best to conclude only after experiencing the country and its culture first-hand.

And while that will still be subjective, at least it’s something we can justify ourselves.

In Dr Merry’s case, we’re glad that he enjoyed life in Singapore and is proud to call it home.

Check out the interview here if you’d like to hear what else he has to say about Singapore.

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Featured image adapted from Max Chernov on YouTube

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