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Family Pays S$47 For 600 Plates Of Meat, M'sian Eatery Considers Reporting Incident

Family Purchases 600 Plates Of Meat & Forks Out Only S$47 As Payment

After ordering a heavy meal at a restaurant, customers are expected to make the appropriate payment for their food.

This was not the case at an eatery in Malaysia, though, where a family allegedly ordered 600 plates of meat and only paid RM163.30 (S$47.32).

Upset by the turn of events, the eatery’s owner took to Facebook to settle the matter.

Family pays S$47 after purchasing 600 plates of meat

On 10 Oct, the owner of Husky Group Bintulu took to Facebook to reveal that the incident involved a family of five.

Source: Husky Group Bintulu on Facebook

They had entered the eatery and purchased 600 plates of meat, taking some of it away in plastic bags.

After the incident, the owner brought the matter up on social media, declaring that he couldn’t accept the thought of the parents “stealing” in the presence of their kids.

The post came with a picture of the family but with pig emojis censoring their faces.

Source: Husky Group Bintulu on Facebook

The eatery stated that the refusal to disclose their identities should be a “good deal” for the customers.

In addition, this would be the first and last time the restaurant chose to publicly post about such a matter.

A receipt of the meal showed that the 600 plates of meat had not been paid for.

Source: Husky Group Bintulu on Facebook

Instead, the diners had paid RM163.30 (S$47.32) for the happy hour fee for each of the three adults and two children.

Perhaps warning the family, the owner noted that Bintulu in Sarawak is a small area. Therefore, people would recognise each other easily.

“Eight years in catering is hard enough. It’s really the first time I’ve been bullied like this,” they said.

Owner says business has become difficult

The owner went on to lament that business had become tough these days. They had been operating at a loss to ensure everyone could enjoy a meal, regardless of the payment.

Now, though, they doubted if anyone would continue to support them with business getting difficult to maintain.

The owner subsequently reiterated that customers should consume their hotpot ingredients within the premises of the eatery.

They were not allowed to secretly pack the items and take them away.

Eventually, the owner concluded the post by wondering if they would still receive support from customers after bringing up such an incident publicly.

Family willing to compensate for losses

According to 8world News, one of the family members involved has approached the eatery owner to resolve the matter privately.

He allegedly expressed is willingness to compensate for the eatery’s losses.

However, the owner claimed that the money wasn’t his main concern. Rather, that the parents set a good example for their children.

He told the media that he’s considering whether or not to report the incident to the authorities.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

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