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At Least 7 Killed In US Highway Crash Involving 158 Vehicles, Accident Caused By Dense Fog

US Highway Crash Involving Around 158 Vehicles Kills At Least 7, Attributed to Thick Fog

On the morning of 23 Oct, a gigantic crash involving an estimated 158 vehicles clogged up the Interstate-55 (I-55) highway in the United States (US).

The accident, which was attributed to a dense ‘super fog’, left a long stretch of damaged cars.

Source: AP News

Furthermore, fires had engulfed several cars in the wreckage, burning the vehicles into charred husks.

Authorities confirmed at least seven fatalities and 25 injuries as emergency crews worked for hours to clear the debris.

Crash involving at least 158 vehicles on I-55 highway

On Monday (23 Oct), a heavy fog blanketed the I-55 highway near New Orleans, Louisiana.

According to ABC News, smoke from marsh fires in the region mixed with the dense fog to create a ‘super fog’.

The thick fog dropped visibility to near zero on parts of the I-55.

Thus, crashes began to occur, with the initial one involving a tanker truck carrying “hazardous liquid”.

A slew of 24 other crashes then followed in three locations, resulting in a massive mile-long (1.6km) pileup, FOX reported.

Several mangled vehicles burst into flames, the inferno scorching the cars into densely packed, burnt-out metal husks.

Source: AP News

The carnage looked like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

AP News reported that victims clambered out of their cars and waved at oncoming vehicles through the fog to stop them.

Source: ABC News

One woman who was interviewed recalled hitting the brakes, only to be rammed by three other cars from behind.

Others reported the loud sounds of colliding cars and popping tyres. Some vehicles ended up on top of others.

Source: ABC News

Photos even show a pick-up truck lying on its side in the waters beneath, seemingly having been knocked off the I-55.

Source: AP News

Thankfully, police confirmed that the occupants of that particular vehicle survived.

First responders work on foot in the wreckage

CNN reported that first responders navigated the accident site on foot as the wreckage blocked off their emergency vehicles.

They did their best to rescue the over 100 people trapped inside the walls of metal on the highway.

Source: AP News

One stretch of vehicles remained inaccessible until police could remove the aforementioned tanker truck carrying hazardous materials.

So far, first responders have sent over 25 victims to the hospital with injuries ranging from minor to critical.

They also confirmed the deaths of at least seven people, with more fatalities potentially to come once the tanker is removed.

The highway will remain closed until highway inspections are conducted.

Source: WBRZ Channel 2 on Facebook

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards called for blood donations following the horrific crash.

He also asked for prayers for those hurt and killed.

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Featured image adapted from AP News.

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