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Upin & Ipin Mascot Gets Shy As Pants Keep Dropping, Little Girl Runs To Help

Little Girl Helps Embarrassed Upin & Ipin Mascot With Its Fallen Pants

Those in Singapore are no strangers to amusing mascots, with the Saluting Frog and Mixue mascots making headlines earlier this year.

As it turns out, Indonesia also has its iconic characters in the form of the cartoon twin brothers, Upin and Ipin.

An onlooker at Wisata Kota Bahru, Indonesia, recently captured the exchange between a mascot of Ipin and a little girl.

The former appeared to be in distress after failing to pull up his pants.

In a bid to make him feel better, a little girl ran over to help.

Upin & Ipin mascot hides face in shame over pants

For the uninitiated, Upin and Ipin are the main characters of a popular kids’ show in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The brothers are rarely seen without the other, so it’s odd that this particular mascot seemed to have been alone.

In a TikTok video posted by user @lely_faj, Ipin waddles to a nearby bench.

Source: @lely_faj on TikTok

Though his recognisable blue t-shirt and matching slippers are all in order, his pair of white shorts is gathered at the knees.

He then lies flat on the bench, hiding his face in his hands as though embarrassed.

After a few moments of gathering himself, he gets up and attempts to pull up his pants — but to no avail.

Source: @lely_faj onTikTok

Little girl runs over to help

For a beat or two, he struggles on his own but thankfully, help soon comes his way.

In the background, a group of tourists appear amused by his ministrations and even whip out their phones to record the unusual sight.

The youngest of the group, however, takes pity on the mascot and runs over to try and help.

Source: @lely_faj on TikTok

Looking visibly stunned, the mascot stops his struggles to turn towards the little girl.

As the clip ends at this juncture, whether the mascot managed to pull up his pants remains unclear.

Whatever it is, the little girl definitely deserves a treat for acting on her heart of gold.

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Featured image adapted from @lely_faj on TikTok.

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