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Young Girl's Arm Clamped In Tower Transit Bus Door, Driver Allegedly Screams Vulgarities In Response

Tower Transit Bus Driver Allegedly Screamed At 11-Year-Old Girl Whose Arm Got Caught In Door

Occasionally, we may hear stories of kind bus drivers in Singapore, such as the SMRT bus captain who personally returned a lost wallet to its owner.

One Tower Transit Singapore bus driver, however, proved the opposite. When an 11-year-old girl got her arm clamped in the door of the bus he was driving, he allegedly did not apologise.

Instead, he purportedly screamed vulgarities at the commuters who informed him of the issue. The girl’s furious mother related the story online.

Tower Transit has apologised to the mother and daughter and suspended the bus captain involved.

11-year-old girl gets arm caught in bus door

Facebook user Serene shared about the incident in the Complaint Singapore group on 7 Oct. In her post, she detailed an alleged bad experience suffered by her 11-year-old daughter, Ethel.

According to her, Ethel boarded Tower Transit bus 106 from her school on a recent evening. Unfortunately, the closing bus door clamped painfully onto her arm.

Source: Facebook

The child’s screaming alerted the other commuters, who shouted for the bus driver to open the door.

The driver did so, but instead of apologising for the error afterwards, he allegedly hurled vulgarities at the commuters and screamed at the top of his lungs.

The outburst visibly shook the young girl, who met up with her mother at the bus interchange. A fellow commuter reportedly accompanied her to make sure she was alright and related the story to Serene.

Serene immediately wanted to confront the driver, but her daughter begged her not to, calling the driver “very fierce”.

Tower Transit suspends driver

The incident allegedly left Ethel mentally in shock even hours later. She also suffered a light but visible bruise on her arm.

Source: Facebook

Her appalled mother hoped her post would reach Tower Transit so they could take appropriate actions.

Sure enough, she caught the company’s attention. Tower Transit replied to her post in a comment, apologising for the incident and condemning the driver’s behaviour as “completely unacceptable”.

They requested for Serene to contact them directly as well.

Source: Facebook

In response to queries from MS News, a Tower Transit spokesperson said that they have suspended the bus captain involved, pending a full investigation and disciplinary actions.

Once more, they reiterated that “his outburst, lack of compassion, and disregard for the passenger” were completely unacceptable.

Tower Transit suspended another bus driver last month after his bus rear-ended a McDonald’s delivery rider.

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Featured image adapted from Tower Transit and Facebook. Image on the left for illustration purposes only.

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