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Toddler In M'sia Suffocates To Death After Mother Accidentally Leaves Her In Car For 7 Hours

2-Year-Old Toddler In Malaysia Suffocates To Death After Mother Accidentally Leaves Her In Car

Last month, horrifying news emerged from Malaysia about an eight-month-old baby who passed away after her mother left her in the car for 10 hours.

Sadly, a similar tragedy has reportedly happened once again.

A mother in the state of Selangor accidentally left her two-year-old daughter in the car, thinking she had already dropped her off at her daycare centre.

The toddler was only found about seven hours later, but it was too late.

Toddler suffocates to death in car after mother mistakenly assumed she had dropped her off

The Star reported that the mother, who’s in her 30s, sent her two other children to school at about 7am on Wednesday (8 Nov).

She then proceeded to send the two-year-old girl to a nearby daycare centre.

However, upon reaching the daycare centre, the mother reportedly performed some “online business transactions” before driving home.

She did so while assuming she had already dropped her daughter off when the toddler was, in fact, still in the car.

Source: Oriental Daily News

According to Oriental Daily News, the mother only realised that her daughter was still in the vehicle at about 3.35pm — some seven hours later.

By then, the child was already unconscious.

Even though the girl’s father administered first aid to the two-year-old, doctors later pronounced her dead at the hospital.

Local police said the case is under investigation.

At least 3 such cases in 2 two months

Malaysia has seen at least three cases of children dying after accidentally being left in cars for prolonged periods.

There were two such cases in October alone.

The first involved an eight-month-old baby who was left in the car for 10 hours in Kuala Lumpur.

Then, in late October, a father left his 16-month-old daughter in his car after he forgot to send her to a daycare centre located on the university campus where he was working.

The toddler was unconscious by the time the father remembered that his daughter was still in the car.

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Featured image adapted from Oriental Daily News.

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