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Thai Nurse Treats Homeless Man's Wound On The Street, Noticed Injury After Buying Him Food

Thai Nurse Treats Homeless Man’s Wound & Buys Him Medicine

Sometimes, praiseworthy acts of kindness are caught on camera — which was the case for one compassionate nurse in Thailand.

What started as a simple deed of buying a homeless man some food, turned into a medical session.

The nurse had noticed the wound on the man’s foot and quickly went to buy medicine, treating his injuries then and there.

The old man explained that a car accident caused the injury, but he lacked the money to get medical treatment.

Many netizens praised her kind heart and effort in helping those in need.

Thai nurse helps homeless man with injury

Thai TikTok user @suphaporn9949, or ‘Nurse Count Dao’ according to the Thaiger, posted the video to TikTok recently.

The video was a departure from her usual content. The attractive nurse gained 1.2 million followers through cute TikTok videos in her uniform or in pretty clothes outside of work.

Source: @s.supha_ on Instagram

But this one showed the nurse, dressed casually in a long-sleeved shirt, slippers, and a light blue cap, squatting in the streets at night.

In the video, she carefully treats the foot of an older man seated outside a shop.

Source: @suphaporn9949 on TikTok

In the caption, Count Dao explained that she and a friend found a homeless man outside a 7-11 at 1 am. She then decided to buy a meal for him.

However, when passing him the food, she noticed a substantial wound on one of his feet.

Homeless man lacked money to treat the wound

Nurse Count Dao then deliberated if she should head home or look for materials to treat him.

She ultimately decided to help him, putting in the effort to treat the injury on the spot. As the wound caused the homeless man some pain, she bought painkillers for him as well.

Source: @suphaporn9949 on TikTok

She conversed with him as her gloved hands performed the appropriate medical aid. He explained to her that a long time ago, a car hit him and caused the injury to his foot.

Source: @suphaporn9949 on TikTok

Unfortunately, the man did not have the money needed to get treatment. Thus, he could only live with the painful condition since.

“It hurts a lot to hear this. It’s the first patient that made me feel terrible. But I’m glad I decided to treat his wound,” said the nurse.

Many netizens in the comments praised her actions, with one thanking her for making the world a better place and not overlooking a homeless man.

Source: TikTok

While the video highlighted the nurse’s compassionate heart, it’s also a reminder that there are those in poverty who are suffering.

Nurse Count Dao may have only helped one person, but that act of kindness meant some relief for the homeless man.

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Featured image adapted from @suphaporn9949 on TikTok and @s.supha_ on Instagram.

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