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Tampines Resident Decorates HDB Corridor With Ghosts & Body Bags For Halloween, Praised For Creativity

HDB Corridor In Tampines Fully Decorated For Halloween, Includes Ghosts & Body Bags

Singapore doesn’t typically have a culture for Halloween, with spooky costumes, decor, and trick-or-treating not quite being a thing here.

One HDB resident got into the Halloween spirit anyway, decorating their corridor with spooky props.

Black curtains, ghosts, decapitated doll heads, and spooky banners adorned the walls to create the right atmosphere.

The decorations even included body bags and flickering LED lights.

A TikTok user did a mini tour of the creepy corridor and praised the effort that went into the creative exterior design.

Tampines HDB corridor fully decorated for Halloween

Halloween is a major event in western countries, but aside from Halloween attractions and scary movie releases, not many in Singapore celebrate it in a big way.

One HDB resident, however, seemed determined to go all out and enjoy the holiday of horror.

A video on TikTok shows the OP finding said decorations, deeming them “Effort A++”. According to the location tag, this was somewhere in Tampines.

Right at the start, a piece of yellow caution tape ominously reads, “Enter if you dare.”

The OP then turns to pass draping black curtains and find a spooky ghost balloon welcome.

Source: @sleepersleepwhere on TikTok

Beyond that, a decapitated doll head and a creepy spider hang from the parapet.

Sheets of inky black nets are draped along the railing and walls like the webs of some abominable arachnid.

Source: @sleepersleepwhere on TikTok

What’s that further down the corridor? ‘Corpses’ stuffed in makeshift body bags and bound tightly in warning tape.

Silk webs, stained bloody red, hang above them. Better mind your head.

Source: @sleepersleepwhere on TikTok

As the OP moves further down the corridor, the chilling sight of a scowling ghost, lit by flashing LEDs, greets him.

Source: @sleepersleepwhere on TikTok

The OP passes by another door to reach the most ghostly part of the HDB.

An area in front of a unit — presumably the decorator’s — is jam-packed with Halloween decorations.

A creepy black figure not unlike the Dementors from ‘Harry Potter’ seems to float in front of black webs.

Lanterns, decorative lights, a skull, and more yellow caution tape hang from the walls. A row of dangling knives lines the right side of the hallway.

Source: @sleepersleepwhere on TikTok

Right in the middle of it all is a small round table with an orange pail, filled with unknown objects, on it.

Various toys flank it on both sides, including a child-sized skeleton doll and a grinning jack-o’-lantern.

Perfect way to spook the Grab delivery rider

Putting up such extravagant decorations couldn’t have been easy, but the effort paid off as the OP was clearly impressed.

It’s not known if the residents from one unit did all the work or if this was a group effort from the whole floor.

Netizens praised it too, although some wondered about whether it would scare the neighbours.

Source: TikTok

Someone claiming to be a Grab rider joked that they would just drop the customers’ deliveries off at the lift rather than pass through the spine-chilling corridor.

Source: TikTok

This commenter asked if putting up such decorations in public corridors would require a permit from HDB.

Someone replied that it should be fine as long as the neighbours are all on board with it.

Source: TikTok

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), objects in the corridor must not be combustible and must maintain a clear width of at least 1.2m of space.

Source: SCDF via

As seen from the video, nothing except the table at the end causes an obstruction, but that was at least right in front of a single unit’s door.

However, the curtains and ‘webs’ may be combustible depending on the material.

If you’re inspired to dress up your corridor next year too, please make sure you tell your neighbours before letting them walk facefirst into a hanging pontianak.

And if you’re in the mood for more spooks, Halloween Horror Nights 2023 features a zombie theme from a notable K-Drama, with the event running till 4 Nov.

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Featured image adapted from @sleepersleepwhere on TikTok.

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