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Tourist Finds S'pore Service Staff Unfriendly, Some Comments Attribute This To Stress & Pressure

Tourist Claims Service Staff In Singapore To Be Unfriendly, Others Say It’s Due To Stress & Pressure

A tourist from China recently shared his thoughts on the attitudes of service staff in Singapore — and it wasn’t exactly a flattering picture.

He named public transport drivers and ice cream sellers as some examples, thinking of them as more temperamental.

In his TikTok video, he pointed out the contrast between Singapore’s and Malaysia’s service staff, deeming the latter to be much friendlier.

The replies mostly agreed, but attributed the lack of geniality to the stress and pressures of working in Singapore.

Tourist finds Singapore staff unfriendly

Chinese TikTok user ‘Teacher Gogo’ arrived in Singapore for a holiday and decided to share his observations after a few days here.

Seated under a tree and enjoying a classic ice cream sandwich, he spoke about a feeling he had so far.

Source: @gogolaoshi on TikTok

He said that he found the attitude of Chinese service staff in Singapore, especially those in small businesses, to be mostly sub-par.

singapore unfriendlysingapore unfriendly

Source: @gogolaoshi on TikTok

From bus drivers and ice cream sellers to roast pork hawkers and milk tea staff, he claimed they were more short-tempered and unwilling to interact than what he was used to.

singapore unfriendlysingapore unfriendly

Source: @gogolaoshi on TikTok

Teacher Gogo compared this with the attitude of Malaysia’s Chinese service staff, saying that they were cheerful and welcoming.

singapore unfriendlysingapore unfriendly

Source: @gogolaoshi on TikTok

He then asked if he was the only one who felt this or if others agreed with him about the service staff’s attitudes in Singapore.

Netizens give many reasons for aloofness

Most netizens agreed about the poor attitudes of Singapore’s service staff.

However, they said it was understandable, attributing it to the pressures of living and working here.

One pointed out that “unless you become a hawker, you cannot understand their pain”.

Source: TikTok

Another netizen said that the hawkers have experienced many changes recently.

They named rising prices, stress, tougher business, and the hot weather as factors, urging the OP to be more understanding and just bear with the unfriendliness.

Source: TikTok

One commenter also said that the nature of the service industry may lead to such aloofness.

“You’re doing the same thing every single day, facing all kinds of customers every day. Which of you will have the patience to meet them with a smile each time?”

Source: TikTok

Indeed, for all the stories of rude hawkers and unfriendly owners, one has to remember that they’re human at the end of the day, going through at least as much stress as anyone else.

We must also understand both sides of the story before passing any moral judgements.

For example, last month, a laksa stall owner accused of being rude explained that she could not provide extra bowls due to halal certifications.

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Featured image adapted from @gogolaoshi on TikTok.

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