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Shanti Pereira Hugs Parents & Boyfriend In Heartwarming Scene After Winning Asian Games Gold

Shanti Pereira Hugs Parents & Boyfriend After Winning 200m Asian Games Event

National sprinter Shanti Pereira has been garnering much global acclaim following her string of victories, including her recent gold medal at the Asian Games.

But the support from her loved ones clearly meant the most as she was seen hugging her parents and boyfriend following her Asian Games outing, where she also scored a silver medal in the 100m sprint.

Holding the precious gold medal in his hands, Mr Pereira told his daughter to get a good rest.

The moving scene was captured on video by¬†Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth Edwin Tong, who praised Shanti’s loved ones for supporting her.

Shanti Pereira embraces parents after gold medal win

After an impressive performance at the World Championships earlier this year, Singapore’s sprint queen Shanti Pereira looked to excel at the Asian Games too.

She accomplished this stunningly, first with a silver medal at the 100m event, missing the top spot by a hair.

Next, she took home Singapore’s first gold medal in 49 years in the 200m sprint.

Source: Edwin Tong on Facebook

After the event, Shanti was seen happily and deeply embracing her mother. Her father stood beside them, marvelling at his daughter’s gold medal in his hands.

Source: Edwin Tong on Facebook

With a big smile on his face, he handed it back to Shanti, telling her to “get a good rest”. According to Mr Tong, Mr Pereira wore his ‘lucky hat’ — clearly, the charm paid off.

Source: Edwin Tong on Facebook

Shanti then hugged several other loved ones before embracing her boyfriend, fellow athlete Tan Zong Yang, at which point the crowd broke into applause.

Source: Edwin Tong on Facebook

Parents praised for unwavering support

Reflecting on the event, Mr Tong praised Shanti’s parents as a “tremendous pillar of support” and “instrumental in [Shanti’s] success”.

He thanked them for everything they had done and expressed that he was glad that they got to be there to share the joy with her.

Perhaps moved by the scene, one Facebook user shared their hope for Shanti’s winning streak to continue. With her success thus far, they believe the athlete will inspire younger sportsmen and women in Singapore.

Source: Facebook

Seeing how much Shanti has achieved, we couldn’t agree more. Likewise, we wish her the best in her future endeavours.

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Featured image adapted from Edwin Tong on Facebook.

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