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MOE To Increase School Fees For PRs & International Students, S'poreans Not Affected

MOE To Increase School Fees For PRs & International Students From 2024 To 2026

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced plans to increase school fees for Singapore permanent residents (PRs) and international students (IS) over the next three years.

For each year between 2024 and 2026, monthly school fees for these two groups of students will see increments ranging from S$25 to S$140.

Source: Chan Chun Sing on Facebook, for illustration purposes only

Meanwhile, Singaporean students will not see any changes to their monthly school fees.

MOE to increase school fees for PRs & international students by between S$25 & S$140 annually

On Wednesday (18 Oct), MOE issued a statement announcing the upcoming increment in school fees.

The gradual fee hike will affect PR students and IS in Government and Government-Aided schools from 2024 to 2026.

Over this period, PR students will see their monthly school fees increase by S$25 to S$60 each year.

Meanwhile, IS will see a more significant increment to their monthly school fees — between S$25 and S$140 each year.

Primary school students will see the following increments over the period:PR: S$25 annually (from S$255 to S$330)IS (ASEAN): S$25 annually (S$520 to S$595)IS (non-ASEAN): S$50 annually (S$885 to S$1,035)

Source: MOE

Secondary school students will see even larger increments during the same three-year period:PR: S$60 annually (from S$500 to S$680)IS (ASEAN): S$60 annually (S$910 to S$1,090)IS (non-ASEAN): S$140 annually (S$1,770 to S$2,190)

Source: MOE

Those in pre-university will see the same fee hikes as secondary school students:PR: S$60 annually (from S$580 to S$760)IS (ASEAN): S$60 annually (S$1,110 to S$1,290)IS (non-ASEAN): S$140 annually (S$2,120 to S$2,540)

Source: MOE

No change to school fees for Singaporean students

Meanwhile, students who are Singaporean citizens will not see any changes to their school fees.

Primary school fees will remain free, while monthly school fees for secondary school and pre-university will remain at S$5 and S$6 respectively.

For more information on the upcoming fee hike, check out MOE’s press release here.

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Featured image adapted from Chan Chun Sing on Facebook

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