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S'porean Woman's Clothes Shredded By Samsung 2-In-1 Washer-Dryer, She Hasn't Found Cause Yet

Samsung Washer-Dryer Leaves Woman’s Clothes In Tatters

When a Singaporean woman’s two-in-one Samsung washer-dryer started shredding her clothes, she called for a technician to examine the machine.

To her vast surprise, she was told that such washer-dryers would last five years at best.

The self-employed woman said she wished to educate more people about this fact before they decide to buy similar models.

At the same time, the technician apparently advised her to buy a washer instead of a combo machine.

Despite finding out about the machine’s apparent lifespan, the woman says she still hasn’t received a proper answer as to why her clothes were shredded by her “piranha tornado washer-dryer”.

Samsung washer-dryer shreds woman’s clothes

41-year-old Janice Oh told MS News that she has had the Samsung washer-dryer, a WD90N74FNOR/SP, for over three years.

Source: Courts, for illustration purposes

However, in August, she found her clothes in tatters after coming out of the washer.

Image courtesy of Ms Oh

After asking customer service, she was told the following:

It’s a wear and tear issueSomething sharp might be stuck underneath the drum

Ms Oh does not know anyone else who has a similar washer-dryer, and said she wasn’t aware that such issues might occur.

In the end, Samsung customer service provided a free check on the machine on 5 Sep.

However, they allegedly could not provide the exact reason as to why the machine would be “shredding” her clothes.

Washer-dryer won’t last more than 5 years, says technician

On 5 Sep, when the Samsung technician examined her washer, she was told that the machine won’t last more than five years.

There were speckles of dried soap suds on the rim of the door gasket as well as the small insert door.

Further, when the technician opened up the machine, the vent was filled with hardened soap suds.

Image courtesy of Ms Oh

Ms Oh said she rarely uses the dryer and was surprised to find out that this was happening.

Apparently, when the machine is on dryer mode after wash, the fan will suck the soap suds up from the wash and blow it around the machine, and thus these get stuck onto the dryer vent and outlet.

This is because there’s no lint filter on the washer-dryer model.

“Apparently, you can just Google this online, and you will know that,” she was apparently told.

She found it strange as she was not informed of this when she first purchased the washer-dryer.

Checks by MS News revealed that washer-dryer machines are quoted as being able to last 10 to 20 years and not the five years that the technician alleged.

Washer drum appears to have no issues, no explanation for shredded clothes

After that, Ms Oh asked the technician to check the washer drum, and he certified it as “perfect”. There was also no sharp object found inside.

However, this did not answer the question of how her clothes were being shredded.

Image courtesy of Ms Oh

In the end, the Samsung technician could only advise her against purchasing a washer-dryer machine and stick to just having a washer instead.

He suggested this as washer-dryer machines, again, apparently only last up to five years. The warranty expires before that.

Not only that, but the machine’s motor apparently has an 11-year warranty.

“If a Samsung washer gets such [a] huge wear and tear issue after less than five years, why bother giving an 11-year warranty on its motor?” she wondered.

The technician also suggested that Ms Oh was simply unlucky to receive this set.

“I was speechless to have such honesty from Samsung’s technician,” she said.

Thinks general public should know about condition of washer-dryers

The shredding issue remains a mystery, although according to Samsung’s management, they are aware of such cases. MS News has contacted Samsung for more information.

After this encounter, Ms Oh thinks that more people should know about what she was told regarding the washer-dryer’s lifespan.

Hence, she spoke to MS News in hopes that others could be better informed before they buy a similar washer-dryer.

She also hopes to have an answer once and for all as to how her clothes were preyed on by her “piranha tornado washer-dryer”.

In the meantime, Ms Oh said she is likely buying another larger machine, but it definitely won’t be a washer-dryer.

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Featured image courtesy of Ms Oh.

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