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M’sian Plucks Out All 92 Beansprouts From Noodles After Asking Hawker Not To Put Any

Malaysian Removes All Beansprouts From Fried Noodles After Specifically Asking For None

Beansprouts, like coriander, are a divisive vegetable — some love them, some despise them.

So well-known is people’s dislike of taugeh that some stalls have even started charging extra to exclude beansprouts from their dishes.

For one beansprout hater, the trouble was that they still got the veggie even though they had instructed the hawker to remove them.

Nonetheless, they resolved to avoid the offending vegetable at all cost.

Thus, they removed every single beansprout from their noodles one by one.

Customer removes all 92 beansprouts from fried noodles

The incident first went viral on Sunday (5 Nov) in a Facebook group for the Johor Bahru community.

A user had shared two photos that were taken from a Xiaohongshu post.

In the first photo, a packet of fried noodles is seen separated from its usual ingredients like vegetables, shrimp, and a pile of bean sprouts.

Source: Facebook

The second photo, which is far more striking, shows that the OP had laid each and every single one of the beansprouts neatly next to each other.

This suggests that the customer had painstakingly extracted the beansprouts from the noodles.bean sprouts fried noodlesbean sprouts fried noodles

Source: Facebook

The process likely took some time as the caption reveals that there were 92 beansprouts in total.

It reads, “Told the boss I wanted fried noodles without beansprouts… he ended up giving me 92.”

Netizens divided over OP’s deep dislike of beansprouts

As one might expect from a post about beansprouts, the comment section was split between enthusiastic support and disapproval for the OP’s actions.

One person said they are on the OP’s side and shared a photo of beansprouts that were creatively arranged to say “No beansprouts” in Chinese.

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, someone said that only those with diabetes cannot eat beansprouts.

For everyone else, however, not wanting to eat them just means that they are spoilt.bean sprouts fried noodlesbean sprouts fried noodles

Source: Facebook

On a wholly different note, one person did a double take at the photo as they thought the beansprouts were worms.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, another commenter deduced that the OP must have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

This is probably due to the extremely neat way they arranged the beansprouts.removes beansprouts noodlesremoves beansprouts noodles

Source: Facebook

What is your take on this? Would you do the same if your beloved char kway teow uncle or aunty accidentally put taugeh in your dish? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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